Ministers’ salaries remain as prescribed by law, says Presidency

The presidency has denied media reports that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved poor salaries and austere allowances for newly appointed ministers.

Senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity, Garba Shehu, on Saturday said the president has not tampered with the salaries and allowances of ministers.

Shehu said the salaries remain as they have been prescribed by the Revenue Mobilization and Fiscal Commission under a law passed in 2008.

He however, said the President and the Vice President have voluntarily offered a 50 percent salary cut.

“This is voluntary and does not apply to Ministers and other political appointees. Reports to the effect that the President has imposed an austere package on the ministers are unknown to us,” Shehu said.

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  • Damilola

    Dumb vague fake promises government. Buhari is an irony of who they painted him to be. Anyone taking him seriously at this time is living in obscure delusion. What has he done so far to back is words up? Ministers will declare asset, their will be pay cut, no corruption indicted fellow will make my cabinet, blah blah… just talk tlk tlk. Fake man

    • Surely

      Anybody who has used and is used to the PDP style, talks and will continue to talk as you did Dami.. . You cannot understand that things are happening without you, untill you understand that your PDPish expectation is untenable and your fears will obviously manifest, and you are more appropriately the FERK MAN, but you may not surely know.

      • Damilola

        Seriously I don’t know. I’m aware of non. In fact I believe nothing is working “YET” and might neva happen with the shape everyti is taking in this govt. But if in your view all is working fine, gud for you. That means you’ve been an hypocrites castigating the past administration for inactions cos so far all has remain the same and in some sort even worse. If this is ur own Eldorado i pray God heal you.

        • AA

          Where is @Surely to answer the questions? They always disappear when u ask them hard and direct questions that require facts and figures. If they ever re-appear, it is only to hurl insults and to make wild accusations about the former regime. What a people! What a country!!

          • Damilola

            You’re right sir. And I’m sure he will still do that soon. He’s still gathering momentum.

      • Damilola

        Before I even ignore you, can you please tell me just ONE THING your hero said that he stood by or act on? Just one thing. When making attempt to think about this please be accurate and sincere to your conscience. Anyone that decides not to be blind and talk as it is in this present dispensation is definitely a PDP sympathiser to cowards like you.

  • amador kester

    Do they pay taxes?