Group cautions northern elders over IBB’s alleged support for Buhari

A SOCIO-POLITICAL group from the North, the Northern Emancipation Network (NEM) has expressed concern over the reported endorsement of the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari by former President Ibrahim Babangida.

   The group said the purported endorsement raises many moral questions, alleging that Buhari’s first marriage broke up because his wife sought favour from the Babangida administration.

   According to a press statement signed by its coordinator, Abdulazeez Suleiman and issued in Abuja yesterday, the group said it was worried by unfolding events in the countdown to the general elections as they affect the political future of the North.

   It stated: “Our worry is hinged on the many moral questions that surround the personality of General Muhammadu Buhari who was imposed by the opposition All Progressives Congress as representing the North in the presidential contest.  The most worrying is the nature of double standards that are now shaping Buhari’s characteristics as he makes a fourth attempt at the presidency.

   “As concerned northern citizens who have the long term political interest of our region at heart, we are forced to publicly raise concern about the looming danger in the quest by some of our people in the frenzy of perpetrating General Buhari’s candidacy in the forthcoming presidential elections. Our concerns stem from our fears of what may actually be the hidden agenda of some outsiders, notably, Tinubu in projecting Buhari’s candidacy. 

   “We are concerned that the millions of Nigerians in the North who express support for President Jonathan are constantly harassed sometimes with death threats but not once have these so called northern elders come out to speak in defence of our constitutional right of association. Are we not Nigerians? Is President Jonathan not a Nigerian? Is Gen. Buhari seeking to be a Northern or Nigeria’s President? Are the lives of APC or Buhari supporters more Nigerian or more precious than ours?

   “First, we find it quite unfortunate that the same Buhari who had to divorce his wife, Safina for allegedly seeking and receiving favours from General Ibrahim Babangida while he was in detention, should now out of sheer desperation turn to the same man for political support.

   “We were therefore amazed when reports said that Buhari had personally gone to seek support from IBB and Obasanjo both of whom he described as political enemies in a recent interview with Weekly Trust. Based on this and many other moral questions around Buhari, our group is compelled to reiterate its stand that he is not and cannot be the sole northern candidate for the presidency.

   “The North should rather reciprocate the many efforts made by President Jonathan to change the life of the ordinary northerner than go on a wild goose chase that could further darken its political future.”

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