Electricity consumers groan…


• As 62-year- old transformer collapses in Palm Groove Estate, Lagos

THE assessed poor service delivery from the nation’s privatized power distribution companies may have come to the fore, as a 62-year-old transformer, serving residents on Palm Groove Estate in Lagos has finally packed up after a fire incident completely destroyed the facility.

   Indeed, there  has been no power supply in the Estate in  last 14 days.

  The transformer, which had been operating at epileptic profile some decades ago, was all along waiting for replacement.

   This relief was never granted by the power company, despite requests from the residents over the years.

   Consequently, with the total collapse of the facility, the estate has been plunged into darkness, with concomitant unsavoury pangs on business and domestic lives in the area.

    The transformer, according to residents, was installed in 1953, making it one of the oldest in the system.

   Some residents of the estate expressed deep concerns over the poor state of power supply to the area and wondered how long it would now take the power distribution company to salvage the situation. 

   They pointed out that self-power generation had virtually become the order of the day at the estate, at astronomical costs and inconveniences.  

   The spokesman of Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company, Pekun Adeyanju, in a chat with The Guardian, lamented over the situation, but expressed the readiness of the company to effect necessary action to restore power to the estate.

 Adeyanju disclosed that the Business Manager in charge of the area has been contacted and his men would swing into action to do the needful.

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