Mystery Of The Black He-Goat (1)



ADEOSUN had one fervent passion, and that was an insatiable thirst for women. It was on a Saturday. Time was exactly 6p.m. He was cruising around the city in his Tokunbo car, evidently searching for a pretty damsel to spend the night with.

Such are the common traits and expectations of Casanovas, and he was no exception. He had been driving for the past 30 minutes with no luck; all the ‘babes’ he saw didn’t quite meet the quality and standard he wanted.

Just then, as he was negotiating a bend at the popular Masha bus stop in Surulere, he spotted this enchanting and sweet-looking lady, walking alone towards Ogunlana Drive.

‘Yeah, this is it!’ he thought. The lady was simply beautiful. She had all it takes to make a man glow with desire. Her steps, too, were rhythmical and had cadences and flow. It seemed she was dancing to some unheard heavenly music as she walked. Her steps were calculating and sensuously inviting. Everything about her was out of the ordinary. She looked exactly like an angel.

“Pimm! Pimm!! Pimm!!!” Adeosun blared the horn of his car beside the charming lady.

“Oh, lady! How far are you going? Let me give you a ride,” he told her.

I’m not going too far. Thank you,” she replied softly.

“Hey, sweet babe, come let me drop you…angels like you shouldn’t do stressful walking…”

“I said don’t worry mister…” she said politely.

“Dear, I mean no harm. Let me drop you, I really don’t mind. It’s not proper for angelic queens to walk on dusty roads,” he pressed further, digging out sweet words from his bag of tricks.

“Well…okay, if you insist,” she capitulated. And immediately Adeosun opened the door of the vacant seat beside him.

“Thank you, sir,” she said again; and this gladdened the heart of the young man.

“Well, how do we begin?” Adeosun said, adjusting his designer shirt.

“My name is Adeosun Koleosho. You can call me Ade for short. I’m a banker. I work with Gems International Bank in Victoria Island, Lagos. What’s your name sweet Seraph? And how are you doing? Oh, lady, you remind me of my first love! The semblance is just too much, and I’ll do anything to show my love for you!”

“Don’t bother yourself sir, I’m a married woman,” she replied gently, “I can’t have a second husband. It’s not possible,” she added in a sweet, enchanting tone.

“Ha, ha, here we go again,” Adeosun said in a smooth, baritone voice, “Baby, I really don’t mind. I repeat, I’ll do anything just to have you. If it’s money I’ll spoil you silly with it! And if it’s love, oh boy, I’ll give you the best!”

Then he fumbled for his briefcase, opened it instantly and dipped his hand inside it. Lord have mercy! The briefcase was filled to the brim with crisp N500 notes. He brought out two bundles and landed it dexterously on the beautiful lady’s laps.

“Here…take these,” he said, “just for your weekend. Now tell me your name and everything I need to know. I’m really serious about this relationship. I’m in love with you already.”

“Ha, my God! What’s happening?” the lady exclaimed.

“I told you I’m married, what else do you want?” she asked.

“I don’t give a damn. This is a tip of the iceberg. Promise me your love and I’ll take you to paradise, no doubt about it!” Adeosun said excitedly.

“Well, my name is Bose Ajisafe. Like I told you, I’m married with a kid. I’m a caterer. I work with Sweet-Tooth Baking World in Lagos Island, near Tinubu Square. You can check me there on Monday. I’ll be expecting you. Let me drop here, we are very close to my husband’s house. I don’t want trouble; he’s a very jealous man. Thank you very much for the ride and money.”

“Sweet-Tooth Baking World! I think I know the place. I’ll make it a date, sugar,” enthused Adeosun, “won’t you give me a goodbye kiss, honey?” he added.

“Don’t you worry, Ade, I’ll give you more than that as time goes on, I told you we’re close to my place. See you on Monday,” she said and got down.

“Okay then, sweetie, I’ll be there 1p.m. sharp,” he added.

“Bye,” Bose said and smiled while moving along the ever-busy Ogunlana Drive. Adeosun waited for a couple of minutes, admiring the shapely queen as she walked away majestically. Her figure made his mind pulsate with indescribable desire and lust. Her movement was something beautiful to behold.

The following Monday, Adeosun checked Bose as appointed, and they started dating regularly thereafter. He bought her lots of presents and gifts and Bose in turn reciprocated by submitting to him at all times, notwithstanding the fact that she was married to another man. Adeosun who was in his mid-forties loved every moment of the relationship; he was a Casanova of the highest order. At that particular time he had about four other girlfriends scattered all over Lagos.

He would drive to Bose’s place of work every evening to take her to a brothel, after spending hours making love, he would drop her very near her house and give her huge sums of money. Bose’s husband, a young man in his late 30s called Kunle Ajisafe, often wondered where on earth Bose got all the money she was spending so recklessly.

Two months into the relationship between Adeosun and Bose, she bought the most expensive clothing and started using costly jewellery. She would talk rudely and disrespectfully to her husband. Formerly, she used to be quiet, unassuming and straightforward in her ways, but now the reverse was the case. The whole of Surulere was rife with rumours about the unhealthy extramarital affair between Bose and Adeosun. Ajisafe had vowed that he would deal seriously with Adeosun.

It was a lovely weekend, with no inkling or premonition of evil or doom. Adeosun had had a wonderful outing with Bose and, as usual, dropped her very near her house. Then Adeosun left for home. About 15 minutes later he was at home. He occupied a three-bedroom flat at Eric Moore area of Surulere. On opening the door of his living room what he saw filled him with unmitigated horror! Lying on his continental rug was the body of a dead, black he-goat!

“What! God Almighty!” he exclaimed, “How did this get in here?” he asked himself. Instantly, he started sweating profusely. The dead, black he-goat had a red piece of cloth tied round its neck with three cowries. Adeosun didn’t know what to do.

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