MTN refutes report of refusal to pay $3.9b fine

mtnMTN Nigeria has refuted a media report of its alleged refusal to pay the $5.2 billion fine slammed on it by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), but has been slashed to $3.9 billion, for contravening regulatory orders on the registration of Subscribers Identification Module (SIMs) cards in the country.

In a rejoinder to the story titled: “MTN dares NCC, says ’we are not paying’’’, the telecommunications firm claimed that the headline was “at variance with the content and context of MTN’s official release, which ironically was copiously quoted in the report.”

The company, which admitted there was a conversation between its official and the reporter regarding the story, claimed that the Public Relations Manager, Funso Aina, was quoted out of context.

“The fact of the case is that the decision to go to court was a very difficult one for MTN, coming after all attempts at a sustainable resolution were exhausted. As a business, we simply do not have the ability to pay a N780 billion fine by year-end, as this will have dire consequences for the company’s financial stability. As such the lawsuit underpins the very survival and sustenance of the company and the millions of Nigerians who rely on us to make a living.

“It is regrettable that the foregoing development has been presented in the most negative and arrogant light; which rather than ameliorate the situation could further aggravate it,” MTN said.

In another development, the telecommunications firm restated its commitment to customers, partners and government

MTN, in a statement, reaffirmed its long-term commitment to its stakeholders including 63 million customers, thousands of employees, vendors, partners and consultants.

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  • Emeka

    MTN please go and pay your fine and stop pretending you are serving Nigeria and Nigerians. The only thing Nigerian about MTN is the billions of naira they milk from Nigeria everyday.

  • Joseph

    MTN, pay your fine or go to court as you have said and improve on your dwindling performance.

  • emmanuel kalu

    MTN is trying to use the public and jobs as a weapon against our regulators. Our regulators and the general public must stand firm, because this action by the regulators would be the beginning of cleaning up Nigeria business segment. MTN knows they would lose at court, what they are doing is buying time.

  • amador kester

    Mtn might corrupt this nation to doom as its ways look like a labyrinth of distrust. Presently it is charging customers silently sometimes when the phone is only ringing and not yet picked