MASSOB tackles Mbaka as APC urges calm

Ejike-MbakaTWENTY-FOUR hours after fiery catholic priest and crusader, Ejike Mbaka, described pro-Biafra protests as ‘evil’, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) yesterday insisted that Biafran revolution was indestructible.

They condemned the position of the Priest against the activities of MASSOB as “unguided, selfish and shameful,” stressing that no amount of propaganda would dim their spirit.

Meanwhile, the Igbo Ekunie Initiative (IEI), comprising individuals in Nigeria and in Diaspora, has expressed dismay over the alleged continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu and other activists by the Department of State Security (DSS).

Mbaka reportedly used the occasion of the weekly adoration programme Saturday night to condemn the agitation and protests by pro-Biafra groups as ‘evil’ and urged those participating in it to go back to their businesses as continuing with the protests may lead to their death.

But in a statement yesterday, MASSOB reiterated its determination to continue in the struggle, stressing that the relationship between the presidency and the cleric would not dim their effort.

The statement signed by MASSOB’s Director of Information, Uchenna Madu added: “MASSOB totally condemns Mbaka’s insensitive statement against Biafra.

His position on Biafra is unguided, selfish and shameful. How can a revered Igbo clergyman descend so low in making such a condemnable statement few days after Buhari’s wife visited him?
“No amount of money given to Mbaka, persuasion and personal friendship with him can ever frustrate or diminish the rising status, consciousness and global re awakening /acceptance of Biafra. A man who speaks with both sides of the mouth at a time is a hypocrite and is not worthy to be trusted. The Igbo
Christians, catholics and even the Pope will prove Mbaka wrong.
“Many Igbo clergymen, including the catholic priests are not in support of Fr. Mbaka’s comment on Biafra. This is why Igbo youths and other citizens have lost confidence and trust on many Igbo leaders in Nigeria.

Biafra agitators are more determined to sacrifice our shops, businesses, jobs, comfort and even (pay) the supreme price for the sake of our freedom. Mbaka should be aware that even during our peaceful and non-violent demonstrations, the agitators, sympathisers and Biafrans patronise his products, including the Aqua Rapha satchet/bottle water and Yogurts. Fr Mbaka’s business boomed as the protests last. Biafran Revolution is indestructible as God, history and humanity are on the same side with us.”

In a statement jointly signed by IEI’s President, Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke, and Secretary, Lawrence Nwobu, it stated, “IEI is constrained to intervene once again and we warn of the dangerous slide to dictatorship, tyranny and human rights violations these actions portend.”
According to the statement, his continued detention despite meeting the bail conditions is ‘a clash between judiciary and executive.’

They maintained that Kanu’s detention is against his fundamental human right, which clearly undermines the basic concept of separation of power in a democratic government.
“At the minimum, democracy by its ideological meaning and constitutional statute, guarantees for all citizens their fundamental rights under the full dictates of the rule of law.

‘We maintain that the underlying drivers of Nnamdi Kanu’s separatist activism are the undeniable contradictions, structural imbalance, marginalisation and injustices in the system which should be resolved through the implementation of the 2014 National Conference report and the hosting of dialogues to continue the process of consultation and nation building,” the statement claimed.

The Igbo association further call on the African Union, United Nation, and European Union to beckon on the Federal Government of Nigeria to end its abdication of the rule of law and immediately release Kanu, other detained activists and also stop further killing of unarmed Pro-Biafran protest
The All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South East yesterday appealed to MASSOB and other pro-Biafra agitators to stop their “war drum”, saying it could scuttle the quest for Nigeria president of Igbo extraction in 2023.

The appeal was contained in a statement by the Spokesman of the South-East APC leadership caucus, Mr. Osita Okechukwu.
Okechukwu said: “Whereas we agree that there is gross unemployment, discontent and despondency among youths in the land; however it is not peculiar to the South East alone. The gross unemployment is nationwide and would be addressed holistically; luckily, our son distinguished Senator Chris Ngige, is the minister in charge of Employment.”

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  • Don_C

    APC and their lies. Jobs are created and not concocted as usual with APC. Ngige will fail just like Buhari. Where will the jobs come from?

    • Meeday

      He that pray failure for others has already failed in his mind.
      With your shall you see the good of Nigeria..but you are not guaranteed tasting and benefitting from it if you continue with your failure prayer

  • Osa Ogie

    Let Biafraud supporters organize and bail Kanu, if indeed they care about his welfare

  • Critical reasoning

    Meeday, see it more like ‘if you don’t know where the job will come from’ then see who creates it like a success. Which part of the Country is not facing the heat? What instituted the separatist moves now? Election results? What will the separatist survive on? Ngige will not only be successful if we all support the administration with a win-win approach. I see a fundamentally misguided interest and issue driving all these movement

  • Okechukwu Mordi

    Rev Mbaka is peaking the truth, Let those who have ears hear. If those unemployed youths think they can cause trouble and run away, they are mistaken the enlightened Igbos who are wiser than them. Shame on MASSOB and IPOB

  • Ogbonnaya Okike

    A times it is better one keeps mouth shout when ones should not have meddled.

  • Nwaizu Ikechukwu

    Well father? (Jesus Christ said, call no man thy father) you have spoken as expected of a clergyman ( Though I want to think you are not a Dominican). But do understand that the ruler of this world is not a Jesus man and by that fact your expectations might not be happening.

    This question is for APC. Have they reduced and continually want to entrench the Leadership syndrome of regional muzzle-in. MEND did it and was maradonally settled by Jonathan Goodluck rulership ( which was killing two birds with one Stone – The destabilization of PDP also), while the Caliphate uprising and the West quest for power decisions is being also maradonically being settled by the radical? Fulani Prince rulership. Is the APC subtle saying that it also the time to settle the Biafran State with a National President.

    If this is the emerging procedure of power shift, then I feel great sympathy for the common tribesman of Nigeria, because what we are empowering and establishing are cliques of regional looters and killers, who only owe themselves and the Aso Rock tea conference members.

    Mr. President weed your house, your political financiers and supporters and then push to allude the fears of those who are skeptical of your independent nature in Judgement and rulership of Nigeria.

    There could be a real geniue fear of the SS.