LP cautions APC against going to court



From the Labour Party (LP) has come commendation of the Tuesday’s election of the principal officers of the 8th National Assembly, describing it as another sign that the nation’s democracy is finally coming of age. It cautions the All Progressives Congress (APC) against going to court.

Reacting to the emergence of former governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki as Senate President, the LP National Secretary Kayode Ajulo said the development was welcome. “Indeed the lawmakers are to be
commended for not allowing themselves to be railroaded to endorse the selfish and parochial desires of the minority at the expense of the majority.

“We observed with keen interest, the events that led to the election of the principal officers of the 8th National Assembly, and we are satisfied that the lawmakers in both the Upper and Lower houses have upheld the constitutional requirements for the election of their leaders.

“We salute the courage of the lawmakers and their commitment to the rule of law and the sanctity of the Constitution; we also hail as laudable and worthy of emulation, their insistence on the independence and autonomy of the legislative arm of government and their firm refusal to be tele-guided.”

The LP said that the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to stay neutral was commendable.

“President Buhari’s neutral posture and his decision not to weigh in on the matter even though several overtures were made to him to do so, is very commendable. It is proof that the president was very sincere when he described himself as a democrat during the campaign season. Some persons within his party had tried to get him to side with a particular camp, but the president insisted that he was ready to work with whoever emerges as winner.”

According to the LP, the outcome of the National Assembly election was in line with constitutional requirements,. The party congratulated Saraki, the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, on their victory. It advised APC to stop threatening to go to court to challenge the outcome of the elections, stating that its action will be non-suit as it lacks locus to institute any action from the fall out of the election. Ajulo wondered what would be the basis of the suit, noting that all the constitutional requirements were followed.

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  • Okechukwu

    With the recent developments at the national assembly and many more events soon to unveil, one should better agree with the Labour spokesman. I am sorry but the truth is that APC has broken into A, P, and C! The marriage was intended to just obtain ‘residence permit’ – that is to push Jonathan out of Aso Rock and occupy it. For majority of the players, that particular game is over. Now is to return to reality and to them it will never be to remain in a group where a certain Tinubu parades himself as the leader. Tinubu is a champion, a real champion indeed. But he is a champion of a local league like Enyimba! In the local league, you can break legs without red card, ‘buy’ the referee with some Lekki lands, intimidate your opponents with ‘home supporters’! Now in Abuja, it is the champions league! – Only millionaires can partake! Their price is too high and Tinubu cannot afford it as it has no denomination!! The center can no longer hold.

  • New Nigerian

    The House of Rep election of it’s leadership is credible going by the fact that all participated in a free & fair election.

    That of the Senate is a throw-back to what PDP wanted for Nigeria through rigging and it should NOT be tolerated. .The Senate “selection” was a sham -a selection and the clerk has some explaining to do as regards the rigging that went down there…, 51 APC Senator-elect were disenfranchised, as well as, at least one PDP-Senator elect Ben Bruce ( I imagine there are more than one …see the clip) also did not vote even as the clerk claimed all PDP senator-elect voted. See the clip and think for yourself what just happened at the senate, copy the following url onto your browser and take a listen to Ben Bruce