Kneel down!

A particular senior (in her early fifties) friend of mine once said that she can’t imagine having anything to do with any man that’s not at least 10 years younger than her. She claimed that those are what you call ‘studs’. That is, men aged from late twenties to mid- thirties. And well endowed.

Asked why she can’t stand tinkering with males within her age bracket. This was her response, “dating younger men is a growing trend amongst some mature women now. Younger men are simply better in bed. And it’s not age-it’s a generation thing. While men in their forties seem to dread going near all those wet, frightening bits, young men not only do it (and are good at it), but they actually enjoy it. Girlfriends tell me they are lucky if they get ‘oral something’ once a year (probably at Christmas!) from their husbands.’’

A lady once told me that her husband (who likes to be sucked, by the way) pointedly told her that ‘tonguing’ is un-African.

And ‘blow job’ is African?
When an aunt gisted me about her bedroom banter with the husband, I thought the man was bluffing.

What actually led to the ‘gist’ was what I observed to be her regular bedtime rituals. She would start by having a long bath, then comes the moisturising and ‘fragrancing’ of certain parts.

Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow if the efforts were coming from a much younger lady but for a woman in her middle age and with children in the University?

The question on my mind was ‘’do they still do it’’?
She must have caught my bemused expression when she said ‘’you know, I have to take care of the places he visits (in the bedroom). I used to ask him to leave me alone-when his hands start wandering all over my body. He got irritated one day told me to go ask my friends how many of them that their husbands still touch. My dear, that incident was a wakeup call for me. I have indirectly asked a few close friends if they still ‘do it’. Most of them admitted that it has become a once in a while thing now, chiefly because Oga seems to have either retired or have some other things occupying his mind. To now have a man who still disturbs me after all these years, not minding the skin folds that child birth and age has brought into the picture kind of feels like a rebirth of sorts’’

Do the ‘Ogas’ actually retire from ‘doing it’ or has someone simply become busy elsewhere?
I have a friend (that lives in Europe),who has been married for over 12 years-with four children…each of whom she breast-fed for a period of one year and above-on the insistence and pleading of her dear husband. You can then imagine the condition of those pair (on the chest)…factoring in the nemesis of ‘biological force of gravity’. Still, hubby assured her that ‘compared to some chest plums, that have not been punished by suckling infants-she is still a ‘chassis’.

She went to town with his assurance and never for once felt otherwise-thanks to hubby’s inability to take his hands off her body-at the slightest opportunity (and anywhere in the house). She said he likes seeing her in shorts (knickers, skirts and especially ‘see through’ dresses) in the house. The nature of her job is quite demanding but she makes more than enough to cater for their livelihood.

So it was agreed that hubby stays behind to ‘mind’ the home-front. She said that hubby spends a greater part of his day on the internet- and she never raised eyebrows for one day, as he always claims to be studying one business or the other.

It’s just that, there was this day she came back from work in the early hours of the morning and noticed that hubby had fallen asleep behind his computer-without logging off. She decided to use that opportunity to check her mails but first-she needed to close some tabs that hubby left open.

Some of these unclosed tabs led to some websites, one of which was a website, where some young ladies showcase their firm and various sizes of chest plums- for a token by visitors to the website. She could not believe what she was seeing because a few more clicks showed that hubby is a regular to the sites.

She said nothing to him but the realization that her man is seriously ogling at firm ‘chest pairs’ never left her consciousness. She kept monitoring things but wasn’t able to stumble on ‘boob shows’ again…until a few months later, when she came in from work and a good look at hubby’s body language convinced her that he was on to some ‘show’ again and was almost caught red handed. Looking at the computer screen merely showed that he minimised the tabs-he probably wasn’t able to shut down fast enough.

So she sent him off to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Obedient hubby scrambled off to the kitchen and Madam went to investigate things on the computer and guess what she discovered?

This time around, hubby was ‘skyping’ with another ‘large chested’ lady that he probably exported from Facebook and the lady, obviously unaware of the man’s sudden exit, was still busy shaking things for his pleasure, because the last ‘chat text’ from hubby was for her to show him that those large pairs were real.

My lady said that it all felt like a trance but she did make her decision, chief of which was that hubby will most likely get a job because an idle mind was becoming the devil’s workshop in her home, but first-he will need “serious punishing.”

Luckily for her, the kids were on school break and her elder sister was going on vacation with her family, she quickly purchased tickets for her brood to join them-so that it would be just her and hubby in the house-for a few weeks.

Thus began hubby’s torture!
She has always known he has a high libido and felt confident in the fact that she was equal to the task but the realization of his secret yearning is rather sobering to her.

She would wear those short things, see-throughs, lacy wears and, at times, nothing–that send him to the ‘Mars’ with desire but ‘nothing for him’ because she wouldn’t let him come close(yet)-let alone giving him access.

When she felt she had punished him enough on a particular day that he came begging again…she had just walked out of the bedroom in a ‘birthday suit’ and knowing the effect the setting had on him-she decided to punish him a little more. She said that at this point, she couldn’t tell whether hubby was moaning or begging-as she made a show of oiling herself while ordering him to keep a good distance from her. When the ‘beg-moan’ became unbearable for her, she then commanded him to ‘kneel down’.

He did as he was told and she had hardly turned to face him squarely when he… Till this day, their ‘bedroom curriculum’ now includes the ‘kneel down’ scenario. In fact, she said that he doesn’t feel satiated- any time she leaves out the ‘kneel down’ command in the bedroom.

Asked if she still feels bitter towards her man for the supposed betrayal, she said it’s a concern to her once in a while, but the fact that he can’t seem to get enough of her after about 12 years of marriage has made her realize that, most men will stray but if a man has a deep thing for his woman-there are not enough “shapes and sizes” that can make him forget his way back home!

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