Kashamu gets extradition notice



The House of Representatives has commended the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for the bold step taken in the extradition case involving senator-elect, Buruji Kashamu who is wanted in the United States of America on charges bordering on drug trafficking.

The letter of commendation, which was signed, by the Chairman, House Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes Honourable Jagaba Adams Jagaba states that the Agency’s action will go a long way in building the confidence of the international community in our country.

Meanwhile, a notice of application for extradition of Buruji Kashamu to the United States had also been served on the senator-elect.

Spokesman of NDLEA, Mitchel Ofoyeju said in an application made to the Chief Judge, Federal High Court, Abuja in suit number HC/ABJ/CS/479/2015 that the office of the Attorney General of the Federation is seeking the extradition of Buruji Kashamu to answer alleged drug trafficking charges.

He claimed the suit is in line with the Extradition Act CAP, E25 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2004 (as modified by Extradition Act Modification Order, 2014).

The notice of the suit was officially served on Kashamu by the NDLEA on 1st of June 2015.

Jagaba while commending the gallantry of officers and men of the anti-narcotic agency observed that the action of the NDLEA has sent a strong signal that Nigeria believes in the rule of law.

“This action has sounded a warning that no longer shall any Nigerian be considered to be above the law, no matter how highly placed. It equally points to the fact that no matter how long it takes, the law would catch up with all that has a case to answer. The Agency has shown that it can work without discrimination,” he stated.

The letter further enjoined the Agency not to succumb to blackmail saying, “Let me at this juncture, therefore, encourage you not to falter in the face of blackmail. Your distractors will engage in all forms of antics including blackmail to distract you but you must never be deterred. Instead, with every form of distraction, you should be spurred to maintain the dignity of the Agency and do the needful in the interest of Nigerians and humanity”

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  • miko


    • Akinkugbe

      We are a corrupt nation that’s why no nation will extradite to us… perhaps, with the current dispensation,
      things could be put aright

    • Papaosun

      Have you checked if any extradition request has ever been issued to these countries you are accusing will never extradite
      Their citizens to Nigeria? I like empirical information not assumed one.l

  • the_headline

    If he’s truly innocent as he is claiming let him go and clear himself once and for all in US.

  • Francis Ezeoba

    Nigeria is toying with their citizen pls this question is for obj which country have ever extradit their citizen to nigeria

    • Akinkugbe

      No country would extradite Nigerians back here because of the prevalent corruption in our judiciary.. perhaps, with the current dispensation, things could be put aright but until things are being put right, let’s continue flushing out the corrupt ones..

    • Whalerolex

      I agree this might be political but Obj wont be the one to convict him in America.
      My verdict is if he did wrong then let him go to jail like Ibori, Bode George, Tafa Balogun etc.
      One day it will be Obj or GEH’s turn.
      Watch these spaces!

  • I think if the Senator elect knows he innocent, he should surrender himself, there no partiality in America, they respect human right.

    • udoudo mama

      we are taking this thing too far. America also have record of human rights abuses. Again, am surprise you are saying- there no partiality in America. How can u say such a thing


    Nigeria will remain a stooge to the West at all times if the senator elect Buruji is extradited to the US even when the Bristish courts acquitted him long ago on the same charges. How many Nigerian wanted criminals have ever been sent home by the West to face justice back home?

  • aje

    Go and clear yourself.

  • tbt

    I have always said that Nigeria remains a stooge to international community, to respect this nation, if any respect still left, why wouldn’t this man be tried here in Nigeria or we don’t have a court? have anyone ever asked why Nigeria still share oil revenue with Briton? have anyone asked why Nigeria lost Bakasi to Cameroon? I just don’t understand this thing called Nigeria, today is America, tomorrow South Africa, another day Botswana, Nigeria is a nation that find it joy in persecuting there citizen.

    • Wustywaste

      Oga, you cannot commit a Crime in Nigeria and get tried in America or vice-Versa. You have to face your accuser in the jurisdiction in which the alleged crime was commited.

    • emmanuel kalu

      he is wanted in american because that is where the crime was committed. he needs to go clear himself.

  • Pat Chukwuelue

    The way the Senator-elect has been shifting the alleged crime to his alleged dead brother aroused my suspicion. I now feel strongly that he really knows about the crime for which the NDLEA is bent to facilitate his extradition to the USA. Let him boldly go there and defend himself, if he is sure he did not commit any crime.

  • Adeola

    I think this has no case because he said the crime was committed by his late brother. However, what baffles me is his fear to visit the land of opportunity on a paid ticket by the Federal Government.
    This is number one criminal Jonathan has been covering because he wanted to win re-election. More will follow.

  • Gudgovernancenotgoodluck

    As sad as it is, we must acknowledge the fact that Nigeria remains a beggar nation in the hands of these super powers; and this is all because our leaders have sold our “sovereignty” for their pockets…. So if America wants this “Nigerian” we are indeed better off handing him over.

    • emmanuel kalu

      that is not the issue. nigeria as a member of the international community, has signed up to a few agreement and this is one of those agreement. if you don’t want to be part of it, and be like iran and north korea, then don’t sign agreement. but then you have to deal with the result of that.

      • Gudgovernancenotgoodluck

        Agreements aside, in international politics the big boys call the shots. Why didn’t Britain, the no. 1 U.S parley deem fit his extradition when the man was in her care? Dare Nigeria to demand a U.S Senator elect for extradition to face trial in Nigeria – the U.N & indeed the world would laugh.

  • Sal Yarima

    Next time you involve yourself with drugs………do not come to Nigeria…..useless human being. Do you know it is the black children in America that are destroyed with drugs? Do you know in the 1960s after the Watts Riots in the USA, the security apparatus in the cities distributed drugs to black people so as to destroy them? Useless man is supplying drugs to kill black children. May they put you in a cell where you will become somebody’s dog!

  • KrazyKyle

    As an american, I disagree with the Honorable Jagaba. This situation is absolutely embarrassing to the Nigerian community. In my eyes this does not look like the way of justice, but appears as a politically motivated vendetta. I have no opinion on whether Kashamu is guilty of the crimes he is accused, but I know the NDLEA has committed serious human rights abuses. Besieging someone’s house without a warrant or formal extradition request is illegal and a human rights abuse. If the NDLEA and Nigerian House of Representatives actually view Kashamu’s actions as criminal, why isn’t the NDLEA charging Kashamu with drug trafficking. Also, why has this extradition only come to light once he was running for the Nigerian Senate. Lastly, if the US government wants him so badly, why have they yet to issue a formal extradition request. Why is the Nigerian government so quick to to extradite a citizen when the US government has not issued a extradition request???

    • Meti Ikpirhirin

      You are certainly not American. You are a fraud.