Kaduna defends proposed religious edict, verification exercise

Nasir El-Rufai

Nasir El-Rufai

Kaduna State Government has defended the system of governance adopted by Governor Nasir El-Rufai, saying that the criticisms trailing some of the policies of the administration were from mischief makers bent on politicising the religious bill and verification exercise.

The Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Affairs, Mallam Uba Sani, who spoke yesterday on the various policies embarked upon by the governor in the state, said that: “We are not going to get tired of explaining to our people that all the policies, programmes as well as legislations currently being implemented or about to be implemented by the El-Rufai administration will always be in the best interest of the state.”

He said that: “You may accuse Governor El-Rufai of anything, but you don’t even have to know him too well to deduce that he is not the type to be swayed by any form or shade of primordial religious sentiments.”

Sani, who shed light on the religious bill before the state House of Assembly said that: “The bill in question is not even a new law, as some persons are making it appear. This law has existed since 1984, with amendments in 1987 and 1996.”

He added: “Recall that at some point, Kaduna State became notorious for religious riots and there was the compelling need to resort to all legal means possible to tackle this matter that never does anyone any good.

“Hence the amendment of this law, that is aimed at stemming religious extremism. So, like we have severally explained, in further amending this law, the government is only seeking to discourage the use of religion for violence and division.”

Sani also debunked reports that the workers verification exercise in the state was targeted at labour, saying: “This is also another misinformation that is being peddled by some few persons.”

“Everyone knows that both at the federal and state levels the issue of ghost workers is endemic. However, since we began the verification exercise, we have been able to save N500 million monthly and by the time we are through by April, I know much more money would have been saved.”

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  • Chibby Kay

    That’s a very careless and stupid statement. The religious riots you’re talking about, is it not 100% Muslims attacking Christians. It’s never the other way round. If you wanna control extremism you know the people who are extremist. It’s never Christians. And I’m yet to get your logic on how that crazy bills directly curbs extremism and riots. You’re afraid of the rapid growth of the Christian community in your state. I bias last in Kaduna in 2006 and I know the picture. Reverse that bill Mr Governor

    • Henry_Itopa

      Actually you are completely wrong, most attacks in the north are against Muslims, a lower percentage is against Christians. Not that it makes the violence and deaths any better but that is the fact.

      • Samie

        Henry, when was the attack against Muslims. I lived in Kaduna from 1988 – 1993. Attended Govt Sec School Kurmi – Mashi, Kawo, Kaduna. All attack was against the Christian especially after Friday mosque prayer. Pls let’s be sincere in our comment.

        • Henry_Itopa

          So you went to Secondary school sin southern kaduna for 4 years and list one incident in and that somehow counters and what I wrote? It is peiple like you that go back to the south with inaccurate accounts

  • Silvanus akpa

    The religious activities verification policy introduced by Kaduna State govt shows that Nigeria is not one. Many people are deceiving themselves by believing in one Nigeria, this is a fraud by Hausa British Government. Christians are being killed countless times by Muslims yet nothing has been done about it by the government instead they will use Hausa language congratulates the killers. The Northerners are being govern with Sharia laws which is about to be introduce to the hole Nigeria. While constitution of the federal republic of the zoo called Nigeria has been placed at the back. Nigeria must be DIVIDE into TWO. Biafra must separate itself from the zoo called Nigeria, Long live Biafra Long live Umu Chiukwu Okike Abiama Free Nnamdi Kanu, Free Biafrans. Nigeria is not one and will never be one.

  • Wukilig

    A muslim is always a muslim. The interest of the ‘infidel’ or non – muslim is far from his heart. There will never be any policy in Kaduna State or elsewhere that will favor the so-called and dumb Christians as the muslims are always ahead in all forms of tactics. We will know this when it is already late. Plateau State is constantly being demeaned by both Federal, Northern, Central and even Regional Musilims, if not far beyond, an absolute lesson for all sensible non-muslim Nigerians to note, know and if they accept, learn from.