Iraq PM: Islamic State advance ‘failure’ for whole world

Haider al-AbadiThe advance of the Islamic State in Iraq is a “failure” for the whole world community, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Tuesday, hours ahead of a crunch international meeting to refine strategy against the jihadist group.

He said Iraq “needs all the support of the world” to counter the jihadist advance, but “we are not getting much. I think this is a failure on the part of the world… There is a lot of talk of support for Iraq, there is very little on the ground.”

Abadi also urged the international community to help Iraq purchase weapons to fight the jihadists, saying the country had received “almost none. We are relying on ourselves.”

“Because of our fiscal problems, we were not able to get into new contracts for arms supply. Most contracts were done in the previous government with the Russians,” he said.

“The Russians are under sanctions now by the US, so we are finding it very difficult to pay for these arms to get them. The money is there sitting in the bank, but we cannot get them.”

Abadi said sanctions also ruled out buying arms from neighbouring Iran.

“We are not asking for arms, but please let us purchase arms easily.”

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  • Les

    Hard to believe that the Iraqi government needs the help of the “whole world” to defeat a band of bandits who have the “whole world” against them, they are subject to aerial attack by “coalition ” forces on a daily basis, sanctions and continual opposition on all fronts by Iranian trained militias, Kurds.and American advisers
    Iraqi forces meanwhile are abandoning huge amounts of military equipment and running away.
    What help do they need ?
    More running shoes ?

  • marc umeh

    It is naive for anyone to call ISIS a band of bandits. They are not. They are not Boko Haram.
    Many are volunteers fron other Sunni
    countries who see this as a religious war in fulfilment of a prophesy.
    Then you have members of Sadam Husein’s elite force playing a leading role. Among them are
    professional who feel maginalized by those they are so used to dominating.
    Add to this their knowledge of local terrain .
    So these are highly motivated fighters who will never give up.
    Stay tuned for this will be a long struggle.