Inyang’s Big Heart For Wellness And Charity


 BOTHERED that many people just wander aimlessly around without anything to do, Ndipmong Inyang, CEO, Beauty Court Ltd., despite her tight schedules, decided to create time to talk to people, mostly youths on how to add value to their lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities. Additionally, Inyang is extending her big heart to the needy, especially women and disadvantaged families of multiple births such as twins, triplets and quadruplets through her not-for-profit organisation, Kuan Community Development Initiative. 

  As a mother of triplets herself, she uses her organisation to alleviate the plights of this class of people, as well as assists them with soft loans to support their families. 

    “Having multiple births is a great joy for the families, but the joyous news is often greeted by sorrow, frustration and regrets by people from disadvantaged or indigent families.

 “ At the news of multiple births, a number of women are abandoned by their husbands at the hospital or in the house with no food or clothing. They are left to the fate of the hospital administrators because of their inability to pay medical bill. This has exposed some women to a lot of emotional trauma, as they helplessly watch their babies die one after the other, as a result of inadequate care,” she says. 

  Explaining the motive prompting her NGO’s help for women and families with such challenges, she says, “We need to help these families, especially the mother and children to survive and lead a good life.  

  “Sometimes, I marvel at the Lord’s awesomeness. His ways are certainly not our ways, as evidenced by the fact that most multiple birth children are born by poor parents, who are unemployed and ignorant. One would have wondered why were they not born by very rich people or into privileged homes, where they can get all the love, care and attention they need; but God knows better,” she philosophises.

  Aside the NGO, Inyang also runs Beauty Court Ltd., a beauty outfit that deals on beauty products for discerning everyday women. With two outlets in Akwa Ibom State, this wellness crusader is currently preaching the gospel of wellness and meeting the need of the 21st century woman.

   With the vision and mission to offer services and products for trendy women, Beauty Court is a one-stop shop that provides salon and spa services besides beauty supplies. Because of her passion for fashion, Inyang had left her flourishing engineering career. 

  “I didn’t start out with fashion, but only stumbled on it,” she says. “It has been eight years down the road and it’s been very interesting and quite enlightening. It has been a blend of work, fun and challenges, which no doubt have all combined to bring out the best in me.” 

   Recounting some of the challenges in the business, especially with regards to workers, who are not properly trained and are always ready to take short cuts to get things done, she says, “this sometimes pushes me to want to give up on the service delivery part of our organisation. But considering the reason for setting it up, I prefer to overcome the challenges.”

  Expressing how she feels when clients comment her for good service, she says: “I particularly love the part that a woman would walk into any of our outlets looking not so good and hours later she comes out transformed into an elegant lady. I love seeing my clients looking happy and radiant. For when they are happy, I am also happy.”    

   Highlighting the importance and how every woman can embrace the ABC of good skin, so that their natural beauty can radiate from the inside out, Inyang advises that any woman that wants to look good should feed and live well.  

  “They should apply the three basic steps to skin care, which are washing the face twice daily, cleansing and moisturising it. This is aside drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. 

  “Every woman wants to look good because there are no limits to what you can achieve when you feel good about yourself! Beauty builds confidence,” the beauty therapist states with assuring smiles. 

  Commenting on her unique selling point, the Ibibio-born beautician reveals, “I have developed special skills so as to give my clients quality service. We source for the best products from Japan, Israel, US, Philippines and other countries across the globe to satisfy our clients.”

  The availability of diverse products for different skin type has wormed Beauty Court into the hearts of her teeming clients. Indeed, anybody visiting her for the first time is sure to repeat it.

  But worried about the industry being flooded with low quality products, which customers sometime find difficult to distinguish from genuine ones, Inyang enjoins ladies to always insist on quality products, as there are no alternatives to them. 

   Finishing as the overall best graduating student in her school’s science class in 1998, Inyang had a stint in the oil and gas industry, as an instrument technician before leaving to pursue her passion in the beauty world.

   Growing up as the first of six children in Eket, the second largest city in Akwa Ibom State, Inyang says: “Dad taught us to always speak the truth, no matter what. He told us that once people identify us as being honest always, the sky would practically be our starting point. That has stuck with me till date. It has even become my strong point and people have found me trustworthy on that account.

   “Growing up as the first child in the family of six was as interesting as it was inspirational. My class teacher in the primary school inspired me greatly. She entrusted me with the responsibility of teaching my classmates those subjects I know very well, but which they did not understand. This motivated me to study hard, knowing too well that I could be called upon at anytime to teach,” she recalls.

   Not bothered that she is a girl, Iyanng’s father had a lot of faith in her abilities and encouraged her never to play the second fiddle in her career. 

 “Dad had always challenged me to find solutions to problems and to know that I have an equal opportunity in life with any boy and those values have helped me to be who I am today. 

  “On her part, mom was very industrious and she helped me in developing my passion, despite being a teacher. So, it was a good mix,” she recalls.

   It was destiny for fashion-conscious Inyang to become a strategist and an entrepreneur that she is today. She is a retailer of beauty products, which range from eye pencils to human hair, body creams to anything that has to do with beauty.

   Over the years, Inyang has grown her passion for the fashion and beauty to the extent that her products have become one of the favourites in the beauty business in Akwa Ibom.

   As part of ways to up the ante in the industry, Beauty Court does not just beautify hairs, it in fact pays special attention to it, diagnosing and treating it to compliment the client’s skin tone, enabling her to achieve maximum beautiful look.

  And although she owns an online platform, where she also sells her beauty products, Inyang still looks forward to seeing her outfit grow to be the largest online beauty supply shop in the next decade. 

   On how she relaxes after the day’s hard work, she says, “despite my schedules, I do not miss the opportunity to rest, listen to and enjoy good music, as well as read. 

   Married to Emmanuel Inyang, whom she describes as her pillar of strength, the beauty therapist, when commenting on her dress sense says, “I have an ideal dress sense. I can never be caught wearing provocative clothes that expose my body because I am a Christian.”

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