Integrity, Selflessness, Others Key For Business Success

Photo; trumbull

Photo; trumbull

STAKEHOLDERS in management consulting and spiritual leaders, including the Chairman of Phillips Consulting, Folusho Phillips, have said that integrity, selflessness, good ethics among others are some principles necessary for success in business.

Speaking at the 27 edition of the yearly general conference of Fountain of Hope International, Phillips said employers of labour must abide by good ethical standards in business, and that their word should be their bond. Charging businesses on need to be humane, he noted that the spirit of deception does not align with the positive spirit of God.

In his speech, The Role And Impact Of Spiritual Development In Business, he noted that the imperativeness of spiritual development couldn’t be overemphasized, as spiritual growth is necessary for every businessman.

According to him,  “man must have a spiritual connection and must go about it with varying intensity. Spirituality is the birthright of everyone; it is key to happiness. Spirituality brings contentment in man.”

Explaining the principles guiding business success, he stated that businessmen must have the fortitude to bear losses, stating, “the extent of your spirituality determines the extent of your fortitude.”

Employers must also share love at ones place of work. This, he said is a manifestation of the level of spirituality that one has attained.

“For some of us who put our employees first and see to it that we are the last to get paid, we are learning to take responsibility and I question the level of spirituality of those that do otherwise”, he added.
Specifically, he stated that businessmen must also do unto others as they want others do to them, as this is a golden principle. “This is the ultimate in spirituality, it is the ultimate in customer service. It takes a certain type of spirit to make customer service a priority”, he said.

On his part, the primate of the African Church, Dr Emmanuel Udofia, noted that except Nigerian leaders put their trust in the Lord, there will be no change.

According to him, “God works through vessels that have completely surrendered to him and our leaders must be men and women of integrity.

“They must be God fearing. Without that, the change we are talking about will be a mirage. One should not be discouraged but trust in the Lord who has the ability to turn things around for good,” he said.

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