Illegal Migration, A Global Issue, Says Parradang



The Comptroller-General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mr. David Parradang, has said that in spite of the tight security at the country’s borders, there are still illegal immigrants who sneak into the country.

Parradang, who stated this yesterday while fielding questions from The Guardian after delivering a lecture to mark the 40th anniversary of the University of Jos, said that the issue of illegal migration is global, adding that there is no country in the world that is watertight in terms of security.

He said illegal migration cannot be totally wiped out, stressing that what can be done in the process is to keep devising ways of controlling and patrolling the borders and removing people that are illegal immigrants.

“There are many people that hide under cars, hide under boats that they dig tunnels to come into other countries. Even in sacks, they can hide themselves in sacks. So, you will see that it is not an issue that can be totally wiped out but it is a fight that is ongoing. We are doing our very best in that respect.”

On how NIS has contributed to fighting insurgency in the country, he said that apart from physically contributing immigration officers who do cordon and search at the borders, they patrol the borders, adding that they have one of the best search methods.

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  • gogolagos

    Mr. David Parradang, in which country are you living and which department are heading or which boundary are patrolling? Nigerian border is an open gate. the problem is not that there are many illegal immigrants in nigeria but they are also have Nigerian PASSPORT from Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Mr. Parradang were are you? can you explain to Nigerian how is possible that an illegal immigrant in Nigeria is bearing Nigerian passport? is not a suspicion, it is reality.

  • gogolagos

    Nigeria border is like a house with an open gate

  • Benbella

    Funny people allot of the legal immigrant using Nigerian Passport ok, Your job is to have private eyes, stop harassing people for money go straight to the point alright, Your border is open to invitation because your Staff like money allot, , even you can tell who is Nigerian by looking at them period ok,