I will tear my green card if Donald Trump wins, Soyinka says

Nigerian author and Nobel Prize laureate Wole Soyinka has said he will destroy his green card, a permanent residence permit for the US, if Republican Party’s candidate in the November 8 US presidential election, Donald Trump, is elected.

“The moment they announce his [Trump’s] victory, I will cut my green card myself and start packing up,” said Soyinka in a video of a conversation with students at Oxford University in the UK.

Soyinka said he feared Donald Trump would ask all green-card holders to reapply to come back into the US.

Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton also painted a grim picture of a Trump presidency on Thursday, warning undecided voters as the ever tighter White House race entered its final five-day stretch.

“Imagine it is January 20, 2017, and imagine that it is Donald Trump standing in front of the Capitol,” Clinton told a 15,000-strong crowd in Tempe, triggering a chorus of boos for her Republican opponent.

“Imagine that he is taking the oath of office and then imagine that he is in the Oval Office making the decisions that affect your lives and your future,” she said.

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  • barone Egena

    Its really funny, whether baba soyinka tears his green card or not what effect does that has on the Americans in any way?

  • habib emeka

    Soyinka just prove that no matter your IQ you can still be stupid!!! The mainstream media has brainwashed him. Is there any African that supports abortion? Is there any African that does not support religious liberty? Is there any nation without borders. Donald Trump stands for these and more. His crime is common sense. we all know that politicians are criminals; they hardly create job. Donald Trump is business man – a job creator. On the other hand there is Clinton, who has been proven to be a criminal. America is lucky to have someone like Trump running for office.

    • Surulere

      He is a Borderline criminal business man. You’re drinking the cool aid too. You conservatives should give this abortion thing a rest. If you don’t believe in it, then don’t have one. Stop being judgmental. A narcissist man like Trump is dangerous to the whole world.

    • Pompey

      You can still make your points without insults thus showing off your ill-mannered (baby factory product) background

    • Olumba2004

      @habib emeka or whatever your name is you are talking balderdash. What is your own with whatever a woman does with her own body? Are you saying if your sister is raped by two men and she is pregnant she should keep such pregnancy? You must be high on something if you agree to that. What is your own with what the professor decided to do. He has his own opinion and you have yours. Cut the man a break. Fight for yourself and the future of your kids and not agonize about the decision of a man who has seen it all.

  • Izeobor

    OBJ ripped his PDP membership card and River Niger has not stopped flowing from North to South!

    • Pompey

      But somebody was shown the way out of Aso Rock

  • Izeobor

    Grow up man! Tearing up your clothes, certificates, or whatever, is an infantile behaviour.

  • Famer Domain

    Prof has the liberty to do what he thinks is right for him ,we should avoid tribalism and abusive language because of the online opportunities to express our mind , we should be constructive to bring ideas that will solve our problems of poverty, recession and hunger and also to move Nigeria forward.

  • Agbabiaka Ganiyat Adebola Olam

    Hop you have started packing up and torn up your passport as promised because Trump has won. Well, i will give you the grace of him being sworn in

  • Pastor Chris Allu

    God rules in the affairs of men.To save Christians from the cannibalism of moslems Trump is God’s gift to Christians