I will be Nigerian president, says Fayose

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose

Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose has disclosed his ambition to become Nigerian president.Fayose, who is the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governors’ Forum, was not specific on when he will contest for the office of president. “It is according to God’s will that I will one day become the president of Nigeria,” he said.

Although Fayose did not give a timeline for the realisation of his presidential ambition, his declaration will influence the politics of the 2019 presidency. His interventions in his political party and issues affecting the entire country may now be linked to his presidential ambition as he is one of the most vocal members of the opposition .

The governor, who spoke on Saturday in Ado Ekiti while hosting journalists to a dinner, said since the prophesy was from God and it was very clear that he would govern the country, the issue needed not to be debated as he was only waiting for its manifestation.

“It was the same prophesy that said I would return as governor of Ekiti when I was in the trenches that predicted that I will govern the whole country. Many did not believe the first one but it happened just as we are waiting for the manifestation of the second one.

“Do not bother to ask me questions as to how this will materialise, I also do not know how it will happen but all I know is that I shall one day occupy the presidential villa, not as a visitor but as president,” Fayose said.

He claimed to be in the good book of most Nigerians, whom he said would always be ready to make God’s plans for him come to pass at the appointed time. Fayose told his guests at the dinner that he would use his position as chairman of the PDP Governors’ Forum to correct many ills of the society as well as fight the cause of the poor masses.

He disclosed to the gathering that the anti-graft body, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had again frozen his personal accounts in Zenith Bank in defiance of a court order made last month.

He said he was at the bank’s branch in Ado-Ekiti‎ on Friday to withdraw money in line with a subsisting court order but was prevented from making any withdrawal from the account.

While appreciating journalists for their effective coverage of the Ekiti State, he advised them not to allow themselves to be drawn into politics.Doing so, he noted, would impugn on their integrity and make them inherit other people’s enemies.

The governor also called on Nigerians to pray for their leaders and support them, no matter the situation.The Lagos State chapter of the PDP declined comment on Fayose’s presidential ambition. The chapter’s spokesman, Mr. Taofik Gani said: “I don’t have any comment on that.” When also asked for reaction, the PDP spokesman in the South West zone, Dapo Adeyeye declined to comment.

However, a member of the party’s Board of Trustees and former Minister of Transportation, Chief Ebenezer Babatope said it had never come to his knowledge that the PDP was backing anybody to run for the presidency or that anybody could become the president of the country through prophesy. “But Fayose is free to say whatever he likes. This is democracy and anybody is free to express his desire,” he said.

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Ayo Fayose
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  • Emeka

    Madness has various forms, and fayose’s kind of madness is simply known as “millennium madness.”

    • Emeka

      Mind your stupid words. Much as i do not believe what he said, there is no reason insulting him. Only people will little or no mannerism can abuse without control.

      • Emeka

        “Birds of the same feather…..”

    • gats

      God must punish you for saying he’s mad.
      oloribu olosi. did you believe that buhari will one day become the president of this country after trying 3 times?

      • Emeka

        Yes, you are right, for saying the obvious that a father would punish the son, but what would never be disputed is the current punishment to you and your tenth generations by devil himself, and I decree the devil’s punishment to you and your generation to forever be permanent IJMN…. Amen!!

        • KIngtop

          Must U always insult people? Young Man, why not #wakapass when you don’t have anything reasonable to say abt someone’s comment. Oh! I see, you can only give what you do not have. Learn not to allow this traits of yours control your mode of conduct especially in the public. Be Civil!

  • Olumba2004

    Nigeria’s treasury is in trouble if this so called prophesy comes to pass. This man just like to be on the pages of Newspapers.

    • ade

      Somebody described Ibori as Jesus Christ! If that is the case, why not Fayose for President?

  • Al

    I will be a president of united state of America the same time ayo as president of Nigeria, courtesy of TALES BY MOON LIGHT

  • joelaw

    God forbid bad thing. Eeeeeh…come to think of it, nobody gave Trump a chance and yet he became President, all hands must be on deck to checkmate this evil ambition.

    • Arabakpura

      Trump had something to show prior; this clown has nothing to show! Don’t be bothered; his is the beginning of imbecility!

      BTW, Fayose is the undisputed crowned head of the clowns and Idle governors!

  • Christopher Adodo

    That is your opinion, and l have no qualms with your ambitions and dreams.

  • edoozfrank london

    God will and won’t allow evil man who didn’t see any good thing in Nigeria

  • vic



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  • Hah!

    Hahaha! Nigerian President Ke’! Hahahahah!!

    • ade

      Continue laughing? If “dirty” Donald Trump can be US President today, why not Fayose for President of Nigeria? When the time is right, anything can happen. I am not really a Fayose fan, but believe in providence. Have a good day.

      • Hah!


  • bobisa

    Ah! For where? For naija or somewhere else? You fayose ayodele peter for gini? President nkwa? Am sure it must be president association of Agbero of Nigeria and of course ur co- clowns will vote for u sha.

  • bilanto

    president of ex convicts, cos he must definitely go to jail for all the atrocities he has committed and hiding under immunity

  • Alpa Edmond Goodman

    ,,,,,,,,,,, No harm in trial ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, TO DREAM IS HUMAN ,,,,, and ,,,,,,TO GET IT ACTUALIZE IS SPIRITUAL . Fayose ,,,,, Iwofa lenu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, monkey.

  • Femi Ige-dasilva

    He will become the president of Nigeria some day. just watch it. That was how you Naysayers spoke so ill of President Trump; today he is the President.
    In your various levels, you want to achieve the next level, if someone should speak so derogatory of your ambitions, ‘am sure going by the manner of speech of many; you will fight and use cutlass. There is nothing wrong to speak against ideas if you have superior alternatives. But to speak DEROGATORY of persons is not politics, neither enlightenment but the outpouring of a defiled character.

  • Frederick O Akinkusote

    He said God showed him. He could have been what God wanted but not what he desire. The Lord of Host wants him to keep quiet and not talk again with such revelation. You know Ay, diarrhea enu yiii naa ni.

    • Apostel

      Fayose hallucinated, If a man hallucinates, then he believes that he is near to God, or himself is God.
      His correct place is the nuthouse.

  • pmagroup

    A country where anything is possible, so why will he not say that “one day he will be a president of Nigeria”. May looking at the way our country is going now, even me, i will be a president of Nigeria one day and my president i think will bring and lead our country to the promise land, it is a dream and a wish which i know that is achievable because with God, nothing is impossible.

    • Apostel

      are you living in a loony bin?

      • pmagroup

        i am not living in a loony bin Apostel, but when you are born you do not know that one day you will say such thing like “a loony bin”, and you forget that our past leaders and even the leaders of the world were born, non knew that one day he or she will become a leader, everything happens according to the wish of God and the ability of myself to see things differently. for instance, read the history of Nelson Mandela, the history of Obama, you will know that in life, what you need is positive-ty and the rest is in the hands of God, so if i say that one day i dream to be a president of Nigeria, all you need to do is to wish me well because you never know as maybe i will be the Nelson Mandela of your generation. Impossible is Nothing.

        • Apostel

          yo, Mr. President, at least you have now one follower :–)))

  • Apostel

    In Nigeria everything is possible. Here a criminal (Ibori) is received as Messiah, an alcoholic (Jonah) with his iliterate bushwife became president. Why then should not be a manic sick, depressed, an cultist or a criminal become president?
    Nigeria has a lot of potential, we just have to opens up our psychiatrics and nuthouse institutions.

    • RastaJustice

      Hey Bro, do not forget certificate less, non English speaking, Tribalist, Bigot, no economic policy,$1 = 1Naira, I will use Kwaroption money to feed and pay N5000 to Nigerians, I will ensure we have steady electric in 6 months, Abacha was not corrupt, attack on Boko Haram is attack on North, N15000 a bag of rice and recession Buhari. I agree with my good brother anything and everything is possible in Nigeria. May your days be long.

    • gats

      why did mention jona is he not better than your hero dullard of daura?

      • Apostel


  • ImpactK

    A crook will always have ambition to office that has immunity from criminal prosecution.

    • gats

      if he’s a crook what is dada. oko gutter

  • Emeka

    The way we hide behind the veil to abuse our leaders in this country through the social media especially is very disheartening. Fayose just said something and people who can be seen simply responded by saying they have no comment or simply said they are not aware of PDP backing a presidential candidate. But those of us who are nameless and faceless started in a frenzy to abuse Fayose. Some of us will bow down before him and beg for money if we see him and because he can not see us, we are calling him unprintable names.If he wants to be president, let him work towards it and if it works for him, so be it. Goodluck Jonathan never thought of being a president in his entire life on earth and i am sure Osinbajo never had the same dream or may be he had talked like Fayose about 10 years ago and people abused him and now he is acting president and who knows what next. Let us allow God to be God and stop abusing people in authority.

  • vic


  • silvermagnum

    He was misquoted, i think he meant president of Ekiti state which he might still rule from prison.

    • gats

      come and carry him to prison na. Stupid fool. he’s more than qualified .if buhari can be not him
      u think ur demigod buhari will be there forever?
      people with little brain

      • silvermagnum

        It is very obvious that you were not only born daft but you were also born extremely stupid, idiotic and useless by two equally useless things you call your parents.

  • Ifeolu Taiwo Alabi

    Take it or leave it I’ve told some friends that My indefatigable Governor will rule this country in future to come. I said it before he mentioned it. The future is near. I believe in Fayose.

  • Kekedu

    Someone should please give this man his medicine.

  • It will not happen

  • MINT65

    a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behaviour, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

  • Curtx Maccido

    This is what we have turned our country into….when everyone abandoned governance for corrosive crooks, you start reading nonsenses…a fayose want to be president is a reflection of the state of governance in Nigeria, this is a guy who shouldn’t have been qualified as a councillor in ekiti…but he became governor through fraud and now he want to be president. Shameless fool who believes everyday will be christmas, we are all waiting for you….nonsense!

  • OKO

    I ve had several dreams about Fayose in shackles being led by prison officials to God -knows – where. My dreams never fail to come true. So I guess he will be having a long spell in one of Nigerian coolers after leaving office.

  • AZZO

    Amen to you Oga Fayose. May your dreams come true.

    • yinka

      Anytime Fayose open his mouth, he makes me laugh until my chest almost burst. Every day, after reading serious news, I look for fayose comedy comments of the day. Honestly,they do not come Aro hospital really sicker than Fayose,

  • Mac

    Oh my God, i can’t understand how Nigerian people think! Somebody talks about his vision, people are kicking as if they control nature.
    Sorry brethren, God has they final say. He doesn’t judge the same way men judge. God is the only one that sees and know the future of everyone.
    You may see Fayose as a stupid man today but when God want to perfect his will….he will cause men to speak on behalf of Fayose and he will also cause his enemies to be asleep.

    So pls don’t see his vision as an impossibility .

  • Daniel Dalon

    I see Fayose being in 2019 being the Nigerian president of the 8th cell of kirikiri prison inmates.

  • infinity2020

    Nothing is impossible in Nigeria in as much as impunity reigns supreme and Nigerians could not get a cure for the STOCKHOLM syndrome that has afflicted them since 1914 !!!!!!!

  • Garuba Andre Yusuf

    I like your Courage and ambitious, I will certainly vote for you when your time is revealed. God bless Nigeria.