I feel honoured having stadium named after me, says Amiesimaka



Former Green Eagles winger Adokiye Amiesimaka said on Tuesday that he was honoured to have a stadium named after him by a former governor of Rivers.

The immediate past governor, Chibuike Amaechi, named a new stadium after the former Eagles attacker.

The stadium will host two international Olympic qualifying matches involving the female national team, the Falcons against Equatorial Guinea on July 18 and national U-23 team against Congo on July 19.

Amiesimaka told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Port Harcourt that he was grateful to former governor Amaechi and Rivers people for the honour in naming a multi-million naira stadium after him.

“I feel really honoured, feeling unworthy and thankful to God for his grace and the former governor for considering me worthy of such honour.

“We may have our political differences, but for that singular honour, I say thank you to him, to Rivers people, for finding me worthy of it,’’ he said.

Amiesimaka also commended, Gov. Nyesom Wike, for appointing him into a committee to organise the two Olympic qualifying matches involving the female national team and the U-23 team.

According to him, governor Wike has put in place a committee and sub-committees that should be able to deliver, it’s an onerous task, but we will deliver.

Amiesimaka, former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice in Rivers, said the committee would use its experience to showcase the stadium and hospitality of the people to the world

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  • Kemka

    Why did you not acknowledge governor Ameachi while he was still in power and having his political problems with Patiance and Goodluck Jonathan? What kind of political difference did you have with him?. Did he do anything wrong when he asked the ex-president to build the east/west road, return our oil wells etc? I know that you are from Okirika with patience jonathan; was Amaechi wrong in chasing Ateke Tom from Okrika, building schools and health centres in the evil forest of Okirika that Ateke Tom used to commit atrocities?. People like you always allow ethnicity blind you . Every enthnic group in Rivers state have the same problems. I believe professor Tam David West is more deserving of having the stadium named after him than you. He truly loves Rivers State and Nigeria. You were the same individual that supervised the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa when you were attorney general of Rivers State during the Abacha era. Tell me the political differences; what did your Ijaw president do for Ijaw people? name one single thing. The Odili era looters and thugs are back, and all of a sudden you open your mouth. What did your Ijaw president do to clean up the oil spill in Ogoni land. Former Deputy Speaker of the House of Rep. sponsored a bill to stop gas flaring which was passed for gas flaring to stop within a deadline. Under your Ijaw president, the oil companies kept on lobbying and the deadline kept on moving. We can go on and on. One day, Ijaws will see that people like you do not represent them

    • jae pete

      So he should have joined Amaechi to fight his brother GEJ because Amaechi Named a stadium After Him? Not every one can be easily bought like Amaechi and not everyone has a judas Spirit like Amaechi Even when the 30 pieces of silver is too attractive some men of integrity like Adokiye can still say no to betrayal. And by the way Amaechi will soon regret his Actions by the time The North are finished with him.

      • Kemka

        so you don’t get it. I am from port-Harcourt. The real Traitors are people like goodluck and patience jonathan who cannot tell us one single thing they did to uplift the down trodden people of my state and bayelsa. Tell me your definition of the word ” brother “. Ameachi went to great length to develop the state, get rid of the thugs. What do the Jonathans do?. They bring back Ateke Tom to kill their fellow Ijaw people; loot the place dry; bring back the thugs; kept the place in a total state of confusion and you say he is Ameachi’s brother?. Jonathan should walk the streets of port Harcourt, lets see the reception he will get

        • jae pete

          We all know who the traitor is! Amaechi betrayed the SS, Niger Delta and rivers state for 30 pieces of silver. now that he betrayed GEJ his brother for Buhari. Lets all wait and see what the price of that betrayal will be for the selfish Amaechi. If judas profited from his own 30 pieces of silver Amaechi will profit from his. Why dont you ask Amaechi to walk the streets of port harcourt lets see the reception he will receive! Oh wait he cant, because he abandoned the roads in PH .which are now death traps and used the money that was meant for the roads to sponsor APC.