HURIWA asks CCT boss to resign over graft charge

Danladi-UmarA CIVIL liberties organisation, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), has asked the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Mr. Danladi Yakubu Umar, to immediately resign from office over allegation of corruption so as to clear himself.

HURIWA’s National Co-ordinator, Mr. Emmanuel Onwubiko, told reporters in Abuja that it was imperative for Umar to resign because “as the head of an important organisation like the CCT handling corruption cases, he cannot be accused of graft and still stay put to try corruption cases of others.”

HURIWA said: “He who goes to equity must come with clean hands. It is unfair that someone who has been accused of collecting bribe and has not cleared himself would now be adjudicating high profile cases of corruption involving high profile politicians. He should be interested in clearing his name rather than hanging on as if nothing is happening even if the allegations are remote.

“We are not talking now because Senate President Bukola Saraki is currently under trial at the CCT. We are talking because there is need to get things right in the country based on the change mantra of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration. So, the government should sack him if he refuses to resign and get someone competent and incorruptible to deal with the cases, including Saraki’s.”

In an open letter he personally signed to the CCT boss, Onwubiko said the call for his resignation was due to his official indictment on allegation of corruption by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) following an investigation on him and his personal assistant, Ali Gambo Abdullahi, over an alleged N10 million extortion allegation.

The letter reads in part: “Sir, we have also accessed a report written by the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice to former President Goodluck Jonathan on May 12, 2014 recommending your removal from office. As a member of the Judiciary, which is the custodian of our laws, it is only lawful and respectful that you resign from your exalted position to save the nation and Judiciary from this monumental opprobrium. He who goes to equity must do so with clean mind devoid of allegations of fraud.

“The nation’s Judiciary is at this time of our nation history passing through very difficult phase because of the groundswell of allegation of corruption involving several judicial officers and it is only proper that you resign within 24 hours from your high office as the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal and be informed that we in the civil society community are prepared to use all constitutional and legal means to ensure that you will not continue to function as the chairman of the  CCT should you fail to heed our advice.”

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