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DETOXIFICATION of the body becomes imperative, when certain signs begin to manifest in the body. To understand the necessity of detoxification, the extreme complexity of our bodies needs clarification.

  The organisms in the body are constantly in a state of growth and renewal on a cellular level. The primary function of these organisms is to rid the body of old, damaged and dead cells and to replace them with new ones on a daily basis. In addition, there is a system of priorities for the metabolism.

  For instance, if we fall ill, our body concentrates its energies on repelling invading infections and the healing process. Similarly, when we pour toxins into our bodies, it treats this as a matter of urgency and works on processing them to render them harmless.

  What this translates into, however, is that the body is left with little energy to undertake the everyday processes of cleansing, healing and renewal. Over time, the body can’t keep up with the pace and the strains show on the overworked liver and kidneys, which are the main organs of detoxification. Consequently, the body’s performance slows down.

  Toxins are usually introduced into the body through diet, polluted air and stress among others. Unfortunately, modern day living with its high demands ensures that individuals cannot but ingest toxins one way or another.

   It is universally accepted that high-fat, processed and salty foods are linked to heart diseases and that many other serious conditions have been linked to diet. Indeed, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that around 85 per cent of adult cancers are avoidable and of these, around half are related to dietary deficiencies.

  This is not say that we don’t eat enough. On the contrary and especially among the middle and upper classes, we eat more than enough. But the problem is that the food we tend to eat has lost much of its nutritional values through processing and is packed full of fat, sugar and nutritionally worthless preservatives, colourings and flavours instead.

   So, if consuming toxins is inherently bad, then detoxification must be good, as it allows two things to happen. First, we stop overloading the body with harmful substances. Secondly, we give the body plenty of the right nutrients to actually speed up the elimination of old toxins and promote cell renewal. As the cells rejuvenate, the individual becomes healthier, looks and feels younger.

Detoxification Process

  The body is so wonderfully and perfectly constituted that it automatically cleanses and restores itself, when in a state of good health. So, during detoxification, the individual is merely giving it a helping hand.

  For a deeper and swifter detoxification, you should not only stop adding new toxins, but help in the cleansing process. The liver and kidneys, the two main organs of detoxification will do most of the work. While the liver renders harmless the toxins that enter the body or eliminate them altogether, the kidneys filter out the toxins in the blood and eliminate them in the urine.

  For effectiveness, individuals can embark on a three-day juice detoxification programme once in three months or a two-week programme once in a year. During this period, efforts should be made to avoid loading the body with wrong food, antibiotics and polluted air. The individual should only consume a variety of fruits, if the option is juice.

  It is especially important to totally avoid or considerably cut down on smoking, alcohol, caffeine and over-the-counter drugs during the detoxification programme. The physician must be consulted in the case of prescription drugs.

  It is not unusual to experience certain side effects, when embarking on a detox programme. These include headache, tiredness, loose bowels, flurry tongue, irritability and skin breakouts among others. But this should give no cause for alarm, as the body is only thereby ridding itself of the toxins.

  It is advisable to embark on a detox programme over the weekend to avoid wilting and feeling incapacitated at work. If the weeklong programme is desired, then it should be undertaken during holiday or such convenient time.

  A comprehensive detoxification programme aims not just the body but the mind as well. There is something also called mind toxins, which are brought about by stress, depression, insomnia and the likes. All these also release toxins into the body.

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