Growing eyelashes naturally


TO have a lovely eyelash, you have to take good care of it. The eyelashes which is grown from the tip of the eye lids needs to be looked after because it protects the eye from objects, dirt particles or hazards through blinking when something gets nearer to it. Though, there are ladies that don’t have long lashes and some go for artificial ones to make it long. If you desire to grow it naturally, these useful tips can help you get this needed result.


  • Go on a proper diet for your eyelashes to grow.
  • Try to ensure you take off your make up before going to bed to prevent eyelashes from breaking. 
  • Clean your eyelash brush regularly to keep eye infection at bay. 
  • Apply natural lubricants like olive oil or petroleum jelly on your lashes at night to soften and moisturize eyelashes and wash it off in the morning. This can also make the eyelashes thick and strong.
  • Brush your eyelashes on a regular basis.
  • Apply vitamin E oil on your eyelashes with a clean eyelash brush.
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