Groups decry hardship, seek employment, unicameral legislature

Reflecting on hard times

Some youth groups yesterday staged a peaceful protest in Benin City, Edo State to vent their anger over the ‘biting hunger’ in the land, just as another set sought for employment and a unicameral National Assembly In Akure, Ondo State.

The Edo groups, under the aegis of Concern Youth Leaders, carried various placards with inscriptions like “Give Us Jobs”, “What happened to Our Economy, “ Where is the change we voted for”, “ Rescue Us from Recession and “ Stop Herdsmen Attack” among others. They alleged that the hardship nationwide was due to inappropriate policies.

The spokesperson, Dr. Carl Oshodin, noted: “Today, Nigerian youths after graduating from universities don’t have jobs. Workers are owed months of unpaid salaries. We want to convey the message to Nigerians that enough is enough. We want the government to return Nigeria of yesterday back, we want good governance.”

In Akure, a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Enough Is Enough, (EiE Nigeria), joined others to demand for a referendum on a unicameral legislature in order to cut overheads

In a letter addressed to Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, the NGO’s Media Manager, Media Manager, Debisi Alokolaro, faulted the existence of the current two chambers of the National Assembly.

His words: “The size is no longer affordable as it operates today. The structure that supports 469 individuals cost us N115 billion a year of which they provide no record of how the money is spent.

“There have been several reports on eliminating duplicate agencies. They need to be implemented to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Our budget process is poor and allows for fraud. We have not learnt from last year’s debacle.’’

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