Governor says Buhari, Jonathan not responsible for Nigeria’s problems

Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed

Kwara State Governor, Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed, has advised Nigerians to stop blaming President Muhammad Buhari or any of the nation’s past leaders for the economic recession in the country.

Gov Ahmed gave the advice on Wednesday in Ilorin while receiving members of the Kwara State Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KWACCIMA).

He said that rather than blaming anybody for the country’s economic woes, Nigerians should collectively think outside of the box for an enduring solution.

According to the Governor, there is nowhere in the world where a nation runs a mono-economy like Nigeria without running into economic recession.

“Over the years, the money earned from oil-driven economy did not go into regenerative programmes but went into consumption and payment of petroleum subsidy.

“So what do you think will happen? The economy cannot be better. It is not the fault of Buhari or Jonathan; it is the fault of Nigeria’s leadership from inception. It is the fault of everybody.

“As a people, we must begin to see how we can improve our resourcefulness. Enough of the blame game, it won’t take us anywhere.

“Once we improve on human capital development, we can begin to drive entrepreneurship and we would begin to move out of the recession,” Ahmed said.

Earlier, the president of KWACCIMA, Dr Ahmed Raji, commended Ahmed’s giant strides on infrastructure development, provision of education and health facilities in spite of the dwindling economy.

He said that the chamber was working towards assisting some of its members in resuscitating ailing industries in the state.

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  • Elder Dr. Chukwuma Nwaonicha

    Governor Dr Abdulfatah Ahmed, with all due respect; the country’s economic woes are not the fault of everybody but the stakeholders: due to greed and poor leadership. In my opinion, poverty in Nigeria is an accumulated effect of Nigerian Leaders Kleptocracy over the years, since the 60’s. FG, the States and Local Governments have to do the needful which requires
    radical revitalization of the dilapidated infrastructure in the Nation, including building new infrastructure and high scale capacity building; thereby developing the Nation and creating employment for millions of Nigerians that are without work. Thank you.

  • Omooba A

    What a dump comment? If neither is responsible, then who? The purpose of electing someone to lead the affairs of the country is to make sure that the country did not go bankrupt. To now say/write that the elected officers are not responsible for bad economic plan is dump and lack of common sense. This governor is responsible for whatever failures he or his henchmen, past or present, inflicted on Kwara citizens. This is the same governor that converted the house of his predecessor to Kwara bank and could not even go to the toilet by himself without the go ahead from Saraki’s family? I hope he is not saying this in order to curie favor after his immunity is over and he is being pursue by the EFCC for mismanagement?

    • Mosaina

      The Kwara State governor is just being unrealistic. He is defending the indefensible so that he too could be exonerated. If Buhari and Jonathan cannot be blamed it means that this governor cannot be blamed. What is the responsibility of a leader if he cannot put wrong things right during his tenure? Instead of changing things, Nigerian leaders, including the Kwara State governor continue toing the toes of the past leaders. This means that we should not expect any change and we cannot blame anybody. So the game continues and leaders who come into government without a vision and a plan cannot be expected to change anything. This trend has to change or a change will one day come the hard way when the people are pushed to the wall.

  • Apostel

    If Nigeria continues to have such fools as governors, nothing will change in the next 50 years.
    And when I look at the Nigerian education system, I’m sure that nothing will change.
    Only to have a look at the so-called “nation wide protest”; even for this we are too stupid.

  • Obiabo Emmanuel Michael

    Your Excellency Sir, does it mean am I also to be blame for this economy woe? No! If all the past stakeholders are brought to book to explain what happened to abandoned projects awarded even before I was born. If those funds were use well to shape the country, what we are spending on now will not be it. Many Nigerian are flown from the country to India, Germany, London most recently visited by the president for medical aid. How much will it take Nigerian government to upgrade National Hospital Abuja and Lagos to the London level? Nigerians are the most qualify doctors you see outside, why? I have an answer and very soon we shall see the answer on the stakeholders who doesn’t see medical attention in place like the general hospital in my local area. The higher you still the higher and harder is your sickness to cure. Thank God, he is a God who love righteousness and made sure justice to the poor and the needy. The will waste million dollars and thousands euro soon while the poor masses will live in good health because this is the promise of God. Unwise leaders!

  • Ids

    Stupidity at the highest order in the governorship office of Kwara State of Nigeria. When idiots rule a nation, the citizens suffer the brunt.

  • Ogbonnaya Okike

    I am sure that the governor did not understand what he is saying or may be he was trying to make some jokes.