Fayose in surprise peace deal with Aluko

Ayodele Fayose


• Gov urges Buhari to devalue naira
• Ekiti leader denies alleged vice presidential bid

Former Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State, Mr. Temitope Aluko, who made far-reaching allegations against Governor Ayodele Fayose over the June 21, 2014 governorship election, was on Sunday night seen with the governor in Lagos.

They were seen with the former factional Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Mr. Dele Olugbemi at the Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island Lagos.

The trio were intercepted by journalists at the hotel around 11:30 p.m. Aluko who wore trousers and a sky blue shirt was seen walking shoulder-to-shoulder in animated and obviously amicable conversation with the governor.

Meanwhile, Fayose, who expressed dismay over the harsh economic situation Nigerians are currently undergoing, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to devalue the naira without further delay to alleviate the sufferings of the masses.

He also denied nursing a vice presidential ambition for the 2019 election.

“It is a lie from the pit of hell that I am planning to contest as a running mate to the current PDP’s interim National Chairman, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff. I am not even going to contest for Senate,” he said.

Aluko had recently in Abuja alleged that federal might was used to subvert the Ekiti governorship election by former President Goodluck Jonathan and security agents to favour Fayose. He also claimed that the exercise that saw the return of the governor was not credible but a ‘coup’ against Ekiti people.

Aluko who has been Fayose’s friend for over 40 years and former chairman, Security and Intelligence Committee of the governor’s campaign organization, also expressed regret over his role in the election.

He alleged that Jonathan gave Fayose $37 million cash to prosecute the poll in which security agents, including soldiers, were allegedly deployed against the opposition, the All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders in the state. He, however, fell out with Fayose when the latter reneged on his pre-election promise to make Aluko his chief of staff.

When asked what he was doing with Fayose during that hour of the day, Aluko, visibly confused responded: “We had a wedding yesterday and the whole family came down and we had all other well-meaning Nigerians around. In the last one and a half hours, I have met with my brother, Governor Ayodele Fayose, so we are resolving the issue, we have made appreciable progress and we hope and pray to God that there will be peace. There are insinuations in the past but now we are working together, well- meaning Nigerians have intervened and we will make progress in Ekiti.”

Aluko also denied that his meeting with Fayose was about his ambition for a political position.

When he was further asked whether he would like to recant all the allegations he earlier made against the governor, Aluko, who was at that point sweating profusely and fidgeting, was short of words but Fayose immediately intervened, drew him closer, placed his hand across his shoulder and said: “Let me assist you. He, Aluko, has said that we have all made considerable progress. In politics, we have to resolve the issues and we have made considerable progress like he said.

On whether he has forgiven Aluko over the weighty allegations and public embarrassment the action might have caused him, Fayose said: “I am the father of Ekiti, Dr. T. K. Aluko remains my boy, my subject, my brother, whatever the past has held for us, we still have to move forward. There is no gainsaying that yesterday has come and gone but we are moving God helping us.”

On his part, the Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka described the meeting in Lagos of Aluko with the Fayose as a vindication of his position that he (the embattled politician) “can make a 360 degree turnaround and return to the same Governor that he claimed rigged election.”

Olayinka, who said he was speaking in his personal capacity, added: “Being the person that faced Aluko in television interviews where he told all the lies that he told against Governor Fayose and the people of Ekiti State, I am constrained to make my position known on this new development.

“Even though Governor Fayose, being someone with large heart may not be too happy that I am making this statement, but as one of the major dramatis personae in the whole saga, my conscience won’t allow me to just keep silent after all the pains and confusion caused by Aluko.

“I did say on Channels Television that giving the right situation or after Aluko must have concluded his scamming of the APC and its gullible leaders, he will return to Governor Fayose and recant everything that he had said.

“Today, I have been vindicated because Aluko has done just that and I wonder how he will feel when he comes face to face with the people that he has destroyed. I wonder how he will feel when he comes face to face with those fine military officers that he went to Kaduna to lie against and made them to lose their jobs.

“Also, I wonder how those who funded him will be feeling now, having failed to listen when I was consistently saying that they were being duped. I wonder how the Department of State Services (DSS) men who took Aluko’s lies and acted on them by invading the State House of Assembly will feel now that they have integrity problem because of what he (Aluko) made them to do.

“However, I salute my boss, Governor Fayose for once again displaying his statesmanship because only a statesman with a large heart can hold the hands of someone like TKO Aluko after all that he did to pull down his government.”

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  • ebidou

    T.K. Aluko is a disgrace. He is unstable and a traitor. He should not be trusted. I advise those around our golden governor, the only true opposition in Nigeria to be wary of this man. He has been polluted and is on another mission to act as a mole to pull down Fayose (God forbid). They should keep him at arms-length and consign him to the dustbin of Ekiti political history. Carry on Fayose you are the man!

  • OMOLASO Parkinson KOLA

    A lesson to learned by our youths and electorates.Politics is game of numbers and still game.Dont allow yourself to be used by politicians to forment troubles.Politicians has no friends or enemy but divergent views/interest.

  • Suleiman Alatise

    Both are doomed, it’s obvious they will sink together.

    • Las Ugoh

      Sule, I don’t know about “doomed”, but I know that both the governor and the doctor should reexamine their integrity. People of honour do not conduct themselves like I saw the two men on Channels tv addressing a press conference. Although the doctor did not retract anything he said earlier, if he were honorable, he would not have faced the camera at all. Same as the governor; he did not contradict his accuser, he simply address the man as his boy who had returned to his master. Dr. Ugoh.

  • Bolaji Akinfenwa

    Aluko was right, the governor was just trying to cover his tracks. He will be nailed soon. Watch out!

  • Rosemary Oke

    We as Nigerians! Whether we believe it or not are under captives of some smart guys who have all soiled their hands in corruption. This is the truth: The more you look the less you will see but I for one believe that what a man sow, he shall reap, be it good or bad. Our God is watching with love and patience for us to do things the way they should be and make way for peace.

  • Ololade

    Fayose needs to be watchful he’s around for another joker.

  • Omooba



    Hmmmm Aluko and greed,the Judah of Ekiti state,Amaechi is the Judah of Rivers state,just S.L.Akintola was to defunct western region

  • Ft

    ZINNI: You need to watch your words and personalities you will be using to showcase evidence while writing. SLA Akintola was not that kind of personality. He is an institution that is still relevant in the political arena till date. Let me tell you if not because of sudden death I am sure Awolowo and SLA Akintola would have reconciled their differences before death. He was a man of high level integrity who wanted to liberate his men from regional politics. The truth is with those that know and understand the relationship between the two of them. tnx

  • Curseless

    Fayose is scamming Aluko and Aluko is scamming Fayose. This is a game of will and we shall see who will blink first. Something fishy is going on.

  • I wonder why Punch blocked a comment I wrote nineteen hours ago. The comment was evidential truth as has been proved by recent developments. Must truth be also censored?