Fawehinmi’s son accuses governors of poor performance



The eldest son of the late lawyer and  human right activist, Late Chief Gani Fawehinmi (SAN), Mohammed Fawehinmi has said southwest governors deserve to be sanctioned for their alleged failing to develop their states.

Specifically, the head of the Gani Fawehinmi chambers slammed Oyo State governor, Senator Isiaka Ajimobi for the deplorable state of Oyo saying he deserved to be impeached alongside other southwest governors.

Speaking at the 2nd Edition of Gani Fawehinmi Public Lecture organized by the Students’ Union of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Fawehinmi said Ajimobi and other governors in the southwest have failed those who gave them their mandates.

“Most southwest governors owe workers their salaries and there is abject hunger and rot in their states,” he said

Also speaking at the public lecture, the Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), OAU chapter, Dr. Caleb Aborisade paid tribute to late Gani Fawehinmi describing him as the Senior Advocate of the Masses.

The ASUU then called on the students of OAU to emulate the stern qualities of late anti corruption crusader by putting the interest of the masses at heart in their dealings.
The president the Students’ Union of OAU, Mr. Omotayo Akande described the Federal Government’s planned payment of N5, 000 stipend to unemployed graduates as unfortunate and a slap on the faces of Nigerian graduates.
According to him, the federal government should rather spend the money on projects that would create employment to the teeming unemployed graduates.

He said: “it is a slap on the face of this country that its graduates
have been reduced to N5,000. Its very unfortunate and we want to condemn the payment. The N5,000 which totals N1.3 trillion a year should be spent on infrastructures, power and other meaning projects that will help provide jobs for these graduates.”

  • abeem

    This is the height of arrogance. Just because you are the son of the great Fawehinmi does not give you the license to criticize people without facts. Talk is cheap but facts are sacred, Mohammed.

    • Demmy22

      He is a citizen of Nigeria, hence he has the right to criticize any public servant. The governors are not our masters they are suppose to work for the good of the people they serve. Nigeria will be better for it when we start to ask questions of our so called leaders.

      • abeem

        True, he has the right or if you like, the “left” to criticize public officials but the right is not absolute. He should criticize constructively by providing evidence of wastage and squandering of the Commonwealth of the State. To just state that someone be impeached without coming forward with any charge of impropriety, mismanagement and incompetency is irresponsible. That is my beef with him.

        • Demmy22

          Are you kidding me, he mentioned salary not been paid, are all the roads in Oyo state and other we states good, what about clean and portable water. These governors collect their state allocations every month and can not pay state workers. That alone, my friend is a ground for impeeachment. They, their political appointees, and state legislatures are the ones that irresposible, and incompetent.

          • abeem

            The last time I checked, many states are going cap in hand asking for bailout funds from the feds to pay arrears of workers’ salaries, so it is not peculiar to one state which is why I found it absurd to single out states in the SW region out of the many in the federating republic that are guilty. And as far as portable water goes, you know better than I do that most states in Nigeria do not have taps running in the households of their major cities not to talk of the hinterlands of their states.
            Well, I know this for a fact because I lived in Lagos for more than 20 years until 1997 when I relocated to the US. In those days which I know is also true as of today, we used to buy water to drink; water doesn’t run from government taps and there are no public taps. In my native town of Iseyin, Oyo State, we used to fetch water for free from government taps but the taps have dried out and become decrepit due to neglect, decay and abandonment, many decades ago. So, it is collective guilt among all states and one which calls for collective actions across all states.
            How to do it: form a movement and make it a universal call for action against the vagabonds in power. I do not subscribe to activists who grandstands in front of an audience for a few hours and think their speech will do the trick. Only a sustained form of activism will pay off in the long run.

    • frankbuttrue

      A leader that must not be criticized should resign and go back to his family where his wife and children can never question his authority.

    • femi

      If you are blind, are you deaf? If you are deaf, you must at the same time be an imbecile, Period!!!

      • abeem

        Vulgarity is the hallmark of an individual who lacks the ability to debate. You have distinguished yourself as an incompetent fellow and you should be ignored.