Evening wears


 ARE you thinking of what to wear to that special evening event? Wait a minute. Before you finally decide on what to wear, think of your shape, the attire you want to wear and the occasion. To make the right statement, look fabulous and wow the people, you must sport the right outfit. Different occasion demands different attire.

   According to Ade Bakare, CEO, Ade Bakare Couture, Victoria Island, Lagos, “Evening wears are in style and a lot of fabrics used centuries ago such as velvet, damask, satin and taffeta are still very much worn today. What traditional dress is to us Africans is what eveningwear is to the Westerners. It is an opportunity to shine and for ladies to bring out their jewelry and other accessories.”

  Bakare, who also has an office in London, added that one of the main features of eveningwear is the sensual side of the dress. “You cut the dress to reveal some parts of the body than you have in the normal dress for day time. Aside from this, lots of embellishments are also added. Even in Africa, ladies are mixing and matching African prints with other fabrics to add that unique and African touch to the outfit. If you are going to wear something simple, make sure you add a touch of colour to it.

  “A lot of ladies adore evening wears, as these provide them with the opportunity to look their best and flaunt their beauty. We have always featured evening wears in our couture collections usually towards the end of the show just before the finale of the wedding dress. This season, we showed silk coats with dramatic sleeves with short evening wears 

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