Elegant Aso Oke

ASO-OKEASO Oke also known as Aso Ofi is a traditional attire worn among the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria and some parts of the West Coast. They are worn to various events traditional ceremonies like engagements, naming, chieftaincy and so on. This attire comes out more beautiful when it is used as group outfit. Doing this, gives wearers the opportunity to combine it with other attire, aside from sporting different designs and styles. Aso Oke like most traditional attire comes in diverse shades and patterns.

   The CEO of Bellisimo Aso-Oke and Beads, Adedoyin Ayoade, says that Aso Oke is a hand woven cloth that is worn mostly by the Yoruba people in South West, Nigeria to special occasion like wedding, birthday and other traditional events. 

  “It is available in different designs of silk, metallic and cotton. It is also used to sew the male gown (agbada), cap and trouser. Aso-Oke could as well be made into female blouse, head tie, hand fans, shawl, wrapper, bags, bangles and necklaces. 

  “Fashion conscious ladies use it to sew skirt, long or short gown. Though beautiful on any dress you want to use it for, the most important thing is that you must get it right to come out right. 

Adedoyin’s tips on how to choose the ideal Aso Oke for events:

  • The event theme colour should be your first consideration.
  • Colours that won’t clash with the general theme colour should be picked so that the celebrant can stand out from the crowd.
  • Know that the most important thing is the colour and material.
  • Lastly, invest in quality to get the best of your outfit.
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