Eight Armenians die in bus crash in Russia

bus crashEight people died and many more were injured when a bus carrying Armenians overturned in central Russia as they were travelling to Yerevan, authorities said Tuesday.

“Right now eight people have died, one passed away in intensive care. They were all citizens of Armenia,” the spokesman for the interior ministry for Russia’s Tula region, Andrei Yartsev, told AFP.

More people are in serious condition in hospital and the two drivers in the bus were being questioned by police as two criminal probes were launched into possible traffic safety violations, he said.

The bus with 59 passengers and two drivers was travelling from Moscow to the Armenian capital Yerevan through central Russia’s Tula region when the driver “lost control” and the bus turned over late on Monday, a police statement said.

The most likely reasons for the crash was that the driver fell asleep or there was a technical fault with the bus, it said.

Russia has a dismal road safety record, due mainly to alcohol consumption, poor roads and reckless driving. In 2014, nearly 27,000 people died in traffic accidents.

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