Don accuses western scholars of conspiracy

A Nigerian scholar who solved 156 years old Riemann Zeta Knotty mathematical hypothesis, Dr  Opeyemi Enoch yesterday described as spurious and unbelievable allegation against him by some western scholars that the 156 year old mathematical puzzle he solved was not original to him.

He, however, accused those who alleged him of plagiarism in solving Riemann Zeta Knotty mathematical hypothesis of promoting racial discrimination in the academic world.

He regretted that no African man have ever won Laurel title in Mathematics, Engineering and Medicine, hinging this on alleged conspiracy of the West.

Enoch had last week made a presentation in Vienna, Austria on the Hypothesis propounded by a German Mathematician, Riemann Zeta in
1869, thereby resolving the issue that had become a mathematical
puzzle for ages.

Speaking in Ado Ekiti yesterday, Eunoch said the allegation leveled against him by a PhD student in Yale University, USA  that he plagiarized his work,  was a misdirected venom and part of the conspiracy of some racist-academics in the West, who believe something good cannot come from Africa.

Enoch advised the federal government to continue to promote academics
with good invention, for government to make more money in view of the dwindling oil revenue.

He said the findings took him seven years to resolve, after his student brought the mathematical puzzle to him in November 14, 2008 from an online publication.

The academic said he has been sponsored by international bodies like Centre for Mathematics and Physics Association and  Kwasulu University in South Africa to  Port Novo, Benin Republic  and Minikas in Morocco , to give presentations on the contentious mathematical issue in 2014.

Enoch, who graduated from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, added that aside working on this Riemann Zeta function that part of his mathematical inventions also include: Using Mathematical function to detect someone with crime intention, invention of I-cell key holder, which earned him best inventor of the year 2012 at the Ekiti State University.

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  • Thomas Bryzhynski

    We don’t accuse Opeyemi of plagiarism, but where is the link to his proof?

    This link he gives is to an old paper signed by Werner Raab.

    His abstract on page 8 here does not mention any proof of the Riemann hypothesis.

    The issue is that he is tellng the news that he has a proof but he is not telling anyone what it is.

    • amador kester

      I couldnt open that file. But i beg to ask: the abstract is a summary and abstract aside was there any indication from the main body of that work that showed that riemann hypothesis had been proved? Was any hypothesis ever proved abstract or no abstract? Was werner raab paper connected to riemann hypothesis and in what ways? Is there one and only one specified way of resolving riemann,s hypothesis? I thought proof in a highly logical discipline like maths is where the logical merely speaks and reason merely nods in approval or flees and thus there should be no room for sentimentalities that we find in the liberal arts. I am aware really that godel,s theory destroyed the fundamental principles of logic in mathematics and there is a magic circle from which escape is approximately near impossible when you mathematicians really come to re evaluate your logical discipline in its metacognitive ramifications.You have to evolve a new metacognitive definition of mathematics and take it a dimension further the way lobachevsky took eucidean geometry into hyperbolic realms of transcendence… Thanks, all the same

  • amador kester

    In other words the intelligence, objectivity and sound judgement of these western scholars had been over estimated as they are incapable of appreciating a talent that is not them? Then they are not real scientists as a ten year old kid is smarter than that and knows when to appreciate a bigger genius. And no wonder even african americans are kept in the dark to effect that many common gadgets we use taday were invented by african americans
    . Check the internet