Community leaders lament as suspected Fulani herdsmen kill one

Fulani-Herdsmen-1-CopyThe murder of a villager in Egede community in the Udi Local Council of Enugu State by suspected Fulani herdsmen has heightened tension in the area as village leaders move in to forestall reprisal attacks.

Forty-two-year-old Chinwuba Ekwueme, father of three and a member of the Egede Neighbourhood Watch was reportedly murdered by AK-47-wielding herdsmen who were grazing their cattle in the community.

Chairman of the Egede Neighbourhood Watch, Mr. Donatus Otie, narrated how the herdsmen butchered the deceased after other vigilante colleagues took to their heels as the cattlemen came shooting at them.

Traditional ruler of Egede, Igwe Polycarp Oyigbo, lamented the recurrence of nomadic attacks against his subjects and wondered why government had not been able to offer measures towards saving them from the strangers` brutality.

The monarch noted that the community leadership had been prevailing on the youths to avoid reprisal attack, and expressed hope that the police would keep to their promise of bringing the culprits to book.

“I do not know whether it would have been better to allow them to take the law into their hands; so government should take appropriate actions to end the menace,” he said.

President General of the Egede Town Union, Clement Amuji, lamented the pain and sorrow the Fulani men have inflicted on his people.

Said he: “The attack by these herdsmen has become a menace to our people. We have been complaining to the government; we have written several letters to Udi Local Government Council, and the District Police Officer (DPO), 9th-Mile.

“This has been happening; they have been destroying our crops, raping our women. They killed a young man from Umuanum about three years ago. It is very sad because it has repeated itself.”

He urged government to come to the aid of the community and to provide arms with which the vigilante group could contain the herdsmen.

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  • Osanebi Osakuni

    This is the only contribution of the Fulanis to Nigeria. A great pity

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  • Julius Oguntulu

    The other day some Fulani herdsmen kidnapped Chief Olu Falae in Ondo State and it was God that saved him. If he had relied solely on government security agencies or if he had not quickly paid some ransom to save his life, it would have been a different story today. There have been so many actions from Yoruba leaders and elders thereafter to ensure that Fulani herdsmen do not cordon off and control the Yoruba race through the back door. Reason being that if ordinary herdsmen could be allowed to go about with AK-47, a military weapon without being challenged, there their is impending doom for the region. The same thing has repeated itself in the South Eastern part of Nigeria. What are Fulani herdsmen doing with AK-47? Who gave them the licence? When did this start in Nigeria? It is also said that they rape women at will and nothing happens thereafter only for us to start seeing it on the pages of newspapers. Can a South southerner or and easterner do the same thing in the North? I doubt it. I think it is high time we look at this country again to see the basis for our existence before things get out of hands. A Fulani herdsman cannot be brandishing other regions with K-47 and government is silent about it. The regional local vigilante should regroup and use whatever they have to defend their people and their lands from these Fulani invaders.

  • victor jatau

    I have said it before, I will say it again, Fulani people do not carry AK 47. It is the hand work of criminals who are pretending to be Fulani people. Just to give them bad name. The normal fulanis are friendly people, peace loving and hard working. They don’t carry AK — 47. Please don’t mind those parading themselves as fake Fulani. they are not, they just criminals.

    • Paul Tavares

      Victor, If you don’t have any meaningful thing to say or write you don’t have to. Come on Victor somebody’s father, brother, an Uncle was killed by these Fulani people and you see it as some thing to jock with. If it were your father, brother or an uncle that was killed is that the kind of contribution you will make? Or how will you feel when somebody made such contribution.

    • frankbuttrue

      Please wake up from your deep slumber. What you are seeing in your dream differs from reality.

    • Robertino

      The picture of the guy wielding an ak47 is instructive. Clearly Fulani

  • emmanuel kalu

    madness and a pity that the government fail to do anything about it. first, no herdsman should be armed, at least not with the AK-47. that is a weapon designed to kill and terrorize people. There should be a law that ban them from carrying arms. there should a law that restrict them from certain areas. And there should a law that provide them with grazing area in their own state or village. There has being too many report of this happening, and it is slowly boiling up.