Commercial motorcyclist hit by Danfo escaping police arrest dies



On Thursday, March 10, 2016, the sad end came for Mr. Saturday Hanson, a 49-year-old victim of police brutality after losing the battle to be alive following an accident he was involved in on February 29, 2016 in Ajegunle area of Lagos.

The commercial motorcyclist, a father of five, who hailed from Orukanam Local Council of Akwa Ibom State, was knocked down by a commercial bus while trying to escape the hot pursuit of policemen driving a police van with the Registration Number IKJ281XA.

Mrs. Fatima Bello, a victim of the accident lucky to be alive, who was the passenger the deceased cyclist was carrying, told The Guardian that they were coming from Boundary Market to her residence at Arumoh Street in Ajegunle when they saw the Danfo bus reversing with speed in the bid to escape the two police officers chasing after the bus.

“The okada man tried to dodge the bus but he was knocked down instantly. Since he was in front, he sustained severe injuries on his head and legs. Surprisingly, instead of running away, the bus driver, Mr. Segun Afolagun, came to our immediate rescue. I was seriously injured but the okada rider became unconscious.

“We were taken to Federal Medical Centre, Orege, where after stitching his head, he was referred to Igbobi Hospital. On getting to Igbobi, there was no bed space, so he was not admitted. He was taken to one Ijaw bone setter and returned to the Orege Health Centre after some days.”

Mr. A. Tiri, who witnessed the scene of the accident, said the most annoying thing was that immediately the incident happened, the policemen made a quick U-turn and ran away on top speed. “Their action made a few of us to mobilise a protest march to Ajeromi Police Station, which is under Apapa command.

“On seeing the crowd, the DPO ordered his officers to lock the gate and later explained to some representatives of the crowd that the officers have been arrested, promising that justice would be done.”

Mrs. Rose Hanson, wife of the deceased, said her husband died at exactly 2:00p.m. With tear in her eyes, she told The Guardian that if her husband had been properly taken care of in the hospital, he would have survived. “I am all alone with five children, what am I going to do now? The load is too much for me to bear. I am pleading that government and the police to ensure that my children’s education are taken care off.”

Joy Hanson, 18-year-old daughter of the deceased, recalled her father’s promise to her before the unfortunate incident happened. “I will see to it that you become a graduate, no matter what it would take. That is what my late father told me a few days before this tragedy. Justice would have been served if the police can sponsor my university education.”

The bus driver, Afolagun, said the police were chasing him for no reason. “It was my fellow drivers who advised me to reverse because the police were coming with their van. It was during my attempt to escape that the motorcyclist was knocked down.

The Coordinator of the Ajegunle People Movement, Comrade Moshood Oshunfurewa, expressed his displeasure at the unnecessary killing of citizens by the police.

“The duty and constitutional responsibilities of the police is to protect lives and property and not to give us coffins, creating more widows.

“We are calling on the government, Inspector General of Police, and the National Human Rights Commission to come to the aid of the victims.”

The DPO of Ajeromi Police Station said he was not in a position to respond to journalists, but promised that the officers involved would be brought to book as the matter is under investigation.

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