Clinton defends immigration to standing ovation in New York

Former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (L) checks her mobile phone as she along with Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, and Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, listens to speakers after unveiling US postal service issued Oscar de la Renta Forever stamp during a ceremony in New York on February 16, 2017.<br />The USPS unveiled 11 stamps to commemorate Dominican-born fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, who died in October 2014, at the end of a New York fashion week.<br />Jewel SAMAD / AFP

Hillary Clinton delivered a defense of immigration at a ceremony honoring the late Dominican-born designer Oscar de la Renta on Thursday, earning a standing ovation from fashion watchers.

The event unveiled 11 US Postal Service stamps to commemorate de la Renta, who died in October 2014, at the end of a New York fashion week striking for its virulent opposition to President Donald Trump.

De la Renta moved to New York in the 1960s, his elegant and glamorous clothes coming to define American fashion for five decades, dressing generations of first ladies and creating a multi-million-dollar fashion house.

“Oscar de la Renta was an immigrant,” said Clinton, the former Democratic presidential nominee in a rare speech since her loss to Trump last November.

“And aren’t we proud and grateful that he was,” she said to cheers from the well-heeled audience that included members of high society and the designer Ralph Lauren, whose parents were also immigrants.

The former secretary of state and first lady, who won the popular vote but lost the electoral college to Trump, could not resist a veiled dig at her former opponent who clashed with the judiciary over his attempt to temporarily suspend immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“What a fitting person to be chosen by our postal service, mentioned by the way in the constitution — something we should all read and re-read in today’s times,” she said to more cheers.

“Let there be many, many more immigrants with the love of America that Oscar de la Renta exemplified every single day,” she added.

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, herself British-born, struggled to fend off tears as she paid moving tribute to her late friend.

Wintour and much of the New York fashion industry supported Clinton’s quest to become the first woman commander-in-chief.

“To Oscar and to all of us, Mrs Clinton was someone who lived in the public eye with dignity and grace,” said Wintour.

“I know Hillary misses him as much as I do.”

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  • USA Citizen

    I, like most Americans do not oppose immigration as long as the immigrant goes through the legal process of entering and becoming a legal resident of the USA with the intentions of becoming a citizen. With the exception of Native Americans, we are a country of immigrants.

    We are supposed to have laws, and the POTUS of all people has a duty and obligation to the citizens of the USA to obey and enforce those laws.

    I don’t think Oscar de la Renta slipped into the USA on a dark night across the border when he immigrated to the USA. I think he had all his documents when he arrived, and did so legally. Good for him.

    However, when ILLEGAL immigrants blatantly break our laws by crossing our borders like they don’t exist and steal identities from OUR citizens so they can have documents to live and work here, this needs to be stopped. This is not immigration, it is disrespecting the citizens of the USA and criminal disrespect for our laws, and we don’t need people like this in our country.

    Other countries have laws regarding immigration. Perhaps people here in the USA who think our borders should be wide open and free to everybody should try sneaking into another country such as China or Mexico, and see if they are welcomed there with open arms.

    • Judith

      Good post.

      • USA Citizen

        Thank you, Judith.

        No disrespect to Ms Clinton, but there’s at least 2 sides to every story. While most legal immigrants become honest and productive citizens and are in the “asset” column of the USA’s balance sheet such as Oscar de la Renta, that’s not the case with illegals.

        Do illegal immigrants have documents? You bet they do! Where and how do they get them?

        Here’s a link to how they do it –