BVN is affecting sales of foreign exchange – BDC operators



Some Bureau De Change operators on Thursday said that the requirements of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for sale of foreign exchange was affecting their sales.

They disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

They said that inability of customers to provide all the required data had been posing challenges in the sale of foreign exchange

An operator, who preferred anonymity, told NAN that many customers had discrepancies with the information on their international passports and the Biometric Verification Number (BVN).

He cited the problem of not having same information such as difference in date of birth on the two requirements.

The trader said that the extension of BVN to the sub sector as part of requirements for sale of foreign exchange was giving the BDCs some problems.

According to him, foreign exchange should be allowed to be sold without challenges.

He said that the policy had reduced the level of foreign exchange sold on weekly basis by the BDCs.

“Extending BVN to BDCs has brought problem to us. This is because we do not have the power to store people’s data like the bank.

“Commercial banks are deposit money institutions that are backed by Data Protection Act to store customers’ data.

“In our own case, customers are not willing to divulge personal information,” the trader said.

NAN reports that the requirement needed for purchase of forex before the BVN registration were international passports, travel tickets and valid visas.

The adoption of BVN as a condition for the sale of foreign exchange is expected to reduce the incidence of multiple purchases, round tripping and illicit transfer of funds.

It also facilitate enforcement of authorised limits of forex sales to end users, sanitize the retail segment of the market and engender policies that will facilitate better allocation of foreign exchange.

  • amador kester

    Beginning of anything is always difficult even learning to walk or drive. But this does not mean the financial engine is knocking. You only need to fine tune the carburettors and injection systems

  • oloriakojo

    When a customer is not willing to divulge his or her personal information in a transaction he or she wants means they are not clean or cannot defend the source of their income or the money in their possession. This is not good for a society. One can then not say….supposing the source of the money is armed robbery or bank robbery, even putting corruption aside……the BVN is a welcome development……..and a very good sanitizing tool for the Nigerian financial system.

    People who have been living above their means will now have to face reality. The wrong impression of “No-hard work for your money” given to our youths by our corrupt leaders will reduce……….

    • OAO2

      Thank you my brother. Nigerians can make noise when they want to short-change the system. Why will anyone be unwilling to divulge his BVN and yet want subsidized USD? let them go to black market since they are crooks. The BVN requirement must stand and a privileged few should not be allowed to continue carting away our commonwealth greedily!

  • Remi

    If those customers do not want to divulge their information then they should go to the bank. The BVN will help restore the glory of our Naira. It will also stop importation of things that we produce here leading to employment of our youths.