Buhari’s government Is losing direction, says group

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

The Buhari-led government received a low rating yesterday, as some acclaimed supporters of the government have accused the government of derailing from its original visions.

Some of the supporters, who made the assertion yesterday during the maiden edition of the state of the nation town hall meeting organised by Change Vigilantes, a pro-Buhari group, in Lagos, stated that the government needed to be helped to reverse itself from the wrong direction.

Those who spoke at the event listed various challenges facing the country to include corruption, epileptics power supply, unemployment, bad economy, after almost one year the government of President Muhammadu Buhari came into power.

Chairman of Change Vigilantes, Dr Ope Banwo, said Buhari should not be allowed to fall into the same situation former President Goodluck Jonathan fell into when his supporters refused to tell him the truth.

“I am one of those people spending their money and energy fighting for Buhari’s government,” Banwo said, adding “right now am not happy with the direction the country is taking in different area” of the administration.

“They say those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat the mistakes of history. So the government must learn from the mistakes of the previous administration. One of those things that led to the downfall of the Jonathan’s administration was that those who sincerely believed in the government never told the former president the truth until it was too late, and that is one of the things we are determined will never happen with the change government.

I do not need to prove my commitment to the Buhari government because I have been a die-hard Buharist even before the election, touring places to ensure the success of the president at the election.

“We felt that the government is losing direction. So, as part of my own way to make sure the government never derail from its change mantra, we continue to call on the government, spending our resources to make sure he is on the right track.”

On corruption, Banwo said: “the government is doing well, but the government performance on employment is poor. The president must be reminded that he promised 740,000 jobs in first year, but we got more than 740,000 layoffs.”

On her part, President and Founder, Consumer Advocacy Foundation of Nigeria (CAFON) Mrs. Sola Salako said: “I would rate the government as being fair, but after one year, we are not where we are expected to be.”

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  • Mizch

    “The president must be reminded that he promised 740,000 jobs in first year, but we got more than 740,000 layoffs.”

  • clivingstone2@yahoo.com

    these change vigilantes must be living in another planet. cant they see the transformation currently going on? there is constant electricity now. our dry taps have begun to run once again. cost of living has gone down appreciably. unemployment will soon be a thing of the past as more and more young people are getting jobs. even Buhari has kept faith with his promise to pay N5000 monthly stipend to the unemployed. what else do these vigilantes want? they should keep on supporting the APC. Nigeria has never had it so good!

    • Osanebi Osakuni

      You are looking at Nigeria through a mirror. It is a simple scientific phenomenon that keeps your right hand correspondingly to your left when you stand before one. In reality, Naira is in its worst value in history, Stock Exchange recorded worst magnitude of loss, highest number of layoff in the real sector, public servants suffer more unpaid wages. electricity supply is measured by energy generation output and not by propaganda, it is now lower than Buhari met it. You have chosen the part of lying as the speakers have condemned. Even Buhari has admitted some of those failings and begged. What we are experiencing today is what illiteracy and ineptitude bring to government. Pity!

      • okpako

        Can’t you see that @clivinstone is just been hilarious?

        • Osanebi Osakuni

          He is weird

    • okpako

      Nice humour… something intelligent to laugh over this weekend

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    Nigerians are under the severe burden of what illiteracy, ineptitude, nepotism and Islamic extremism bring to governance. Buhari is a colossal collective mistake of a country. Very saddening!

  • BG

    The problem Buhari has is that he has surrounded himself with politicians and media advisers. He has no technocrats on his team. He needs to get a team of sound economists as advisers and do away with the media advisers.

  • Vibez

    This man travel go village if you don’t have a Job to do…Instead of you to hide yourself in shame as one of Buhari’s foolish supporters, you here talking nonsense.. You and Buhari na Mate.. na you wan tell am wetin to do? You supported a Bad leader, Na only terrorist dey terrorize, Nigerians are been terrorized by this man and his followers…. It is backwardness to vote for a man like Buhari, I think say Nija no dey carry last..We one of the most politically brainwashed Populations on this planet..I pray my children or grandchildren for that matter will experience a Country free from all this economical, physiological and psychological warfare..Welcome to the Boko Haram Rule…Malam! Shior!