Buhari not critically ill, not in hospital, says Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says President Muhammadu Buhari is neither critically ill nor in life threatening situation and there is no cause for alarm.

The minister reiterated this position on Monday in Umuahia at the second town hall meeting for the South East and the launch of national reorientation campaign, “Change Begins With Me’’ in Abia.

The minister, who was asked to tell the country about the health condition of the president and whether there was need for a regular briefing on his health stressed that there was no reason for such briefings.

Mohammed disclosed that the president spoke with him on Saturday in the afternoon and there was no reason for Nigerians to be worried. “ I can say here very boldly and confidently that there is absolutely no cause for alarm. “`Mr president called me at 2.43 p.m. on Saturday and we spoke.

“If Mr president is in the hospital or is critically ill, as minister of information, I will give daily bulletin on his health. “Mr president is neither critically ill nor in the hospital and there is nothing life threatening about the checks he is going through,’’ he said.

Speaking on the state of the economy, the minister said that it was corruption that made the prices of commodities to go up. He noted that no economy in the world could survive the blind and reckless looting perpetrated by the previous administration.

“If one person was found with almost 10 million dollar in an uncompleted house and another with 136 million dollar in fake account and other with N7 billion how can the economy survives the kind of looting. “Naturally the price of commodities will go up.

“These are funds meant for development of infrastructure and for provision of services. “That is why you cannot do anything with the economy without first facing corruption squarely.

“But the good news is that the government is doing both together, as we are fighting corruption, we are also making sure that we are ensuring we are out of recession by investing heavily on infrastructure. Mohammed also pacified the audience who lamented the spate of attacks on farmers by the herdsmen.

He said contrary to the position of some elements who want to destroy the unity of the country, the government was not supporting any section of the country against the other. He said it was purely security issue and it was being handled from both the federal and the state levels.

“I want to make the appeal that the strength of Nigeria is in its diversity and unity. “We have been living together peacefully before and we shall continue to live together peacefully,’’ he said.

Speaking in same vein, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh, apologised on behalf of the Federal Government to the farmers who had suffered from the ugly trend.

“We in the Ministry of Agriculture are mostly affected in this crisis and frankly we feel deeply disturbed about it.

“Like the two traditional rulers had said, you asked people to go and farm and there is this problem of herdsmen tormenting them and their cattle eating up their crops.

“It is affecting not only the farmers but the food that they are supposed to produce and sell to the society. “As a farmer, nothing can be more upsetting to wake up and find out that my farm has been destroyed.

They have done it to me and I know how it badly affected me but we will bring the challenge to an end very soon,’’ he said. Ogbeh said the Federal Government is training 3000 agro rangers who will protect farms in different places.

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  • Chris Osborne

    Mr. Lai Mohammed, If he is not critically ill and not in the hospital why is he still in London? It is a pity that Nigerians could not even trust the so called elder statesmen. I wonder when the youths will take the law into their hands and have them evicted with blood bath on the street.

    You people has turned the Nigerian youths to criminals and yet are bold to say they are criminal…

    • J. Trevor

      You don’t need to be critically ill or in the hospital in order to remain in London for chec kup. What kind of ‘trust’ do you require from the information minister when you can’t even trust yourself to believe anything! Even if the minister released the video of Buhari entertaining his visitors at 16.00 this evening, your likes would still describe it as a pre-recorded or past video.

      • ecd201

        My dear if he he is critically fine, what is he doing in London? I for one do not wish him dead, but he ceases to have privacy the day he got the mandate of the people to lead the country and the electorate deserve to know what is going on with him. One of the definitions of corruption is non transparency, I will not go further than this.

  • christian ifeanyi ekpa

    What are you old liar or lai Mohammed still doing. Perhaps you don’t have any t

  • vic






  • J. Trevor

    Why is Nigeria still deep in primitive and rudimentary politics that continue to draw them back? A president goes on medical check-up and the whole country is in disarray. Mr. Lai had earlier informed the nation that the President is going abroad for a medical check-up and that should be the end of the story, especially since there is an acting president in situ. Mr. Lai has no business running any commentary on the check-up. In fact seen in another way that could be an insult on Mr. Buhari as a person since the same Mr. Lai was informed that the president would not be coming back as scheduled and he has duly passed the message on to the public and that should be the end of the story. He should have known the kind of stiff-necked people he is dealing with and that even if he should release the video of Buhari entertaining his visitors at 16.00 this
    evening, many Nigerians including those expected to have enough intelligence would still describe it as a pre-recorded or past video

    The other time, the Senate Leader, Chief Saraki and other members left the senate business and headed for London to see the President! For what? any sane person would ask. As if there are not enough issues facing the country that needs their attention. Next is the decision of some so-called governors now making preparations to go to London again -ro see the president! Is this not because these people are very idle and have no sense of governance? Is the president now a baby? And is any of these idle sympathisers a medical doctor capable of treating the president?
    Even the so-called journalists who are expected to be more intelligent, daily continue to display their lack of intelligence by running daily headlines on a story that shouldn’t take more than column inches in any advanced democracy.

    Can you imagine the president of any advanced nation going away for health reasons and his country would not let the government rest because they wanted to know about the state of his health? Even the press as inquisitive as they are know without beign told that this is the time to pull back and let him concentrate on his treatment until the resumes work.

    The other time the former president of Ghana was sick the daily point of discussion remained the state of the country’s political economy, not parading stories around about the president’s state of health or recovery.

    • Anthony Nkemakonam

      Brother J, in government adminstration as with any organisational administration, if you’re entrusted with authority. It is expected you should be of sound body and mind else your decision will be in question. Will you trust a man who is constantly in and out of hospital with your high stake billion naira investment? Oh, he does not owe us an explanation about his health, but he responded when it was raised during his campaign read excerpt from the interview https://www.google.com.ng/amp/guardian.ng/news/nigeria/apc-pdp-bicker-over-buhari-s-health/amp

      “The Vanguard reported that I was to jet out for medical check-up yesterday but here I am. I was in Nasarawa and Benue states yesterday; tomorrow I am going to be in two states. The day after tomorrow in two more states. I am doing two states per day. How they got the impression that I was sick, I do not know.” He asked one of the reporters: “How old are you? ‘‘Fifty years old,’’ the reporter replied.

      “I am telling you if we go to the field, I will last longer than you.”

      His words not mine. Then it was okay to respond, now he is in power it’s none of our business if he is sick or not.

      Unfortunately, in this country the president is the absolute. He needs to maintain the image that he is in charge, by that I mean healthy. We are not other countries so we can’t talk of anything else. You won’t blame anyone who says Ag. President is better than the PMB. As for me I’m more about the jumbled up economic policies, if he lives or dies does not put food on my table.

  • ecd201

    This man called Lai should change his name and lets see if some truths will begin to come from his old mouth.

  • Comfort Destiny

    Lai Mohammed, when will you stop telling lies? The president has been out of the country for about 40 days; yet you have not spoken to him and you now claim that PMB is neither critically ill nor in London?

  • Comfort Destiny

    Lai Mohammed is noted for telling lies quite frequently. Only genuine repentance can deliver him!

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