Buhari may go for follow-up checks ‘within some weeks’

Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari addresses members of his cabinet upon his arrival at the presidency in Abuja, on March 10, 2017. President Muhammadu Buhari arrived back in Nigeria on Friday after nearly two months in London receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment. / AFP PHOTO / Sunday AGHAEZE

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said he will not resume power immediately and instead leave his deputy in charge after returning from nearly two months’ medical leave in Britain.

A Nigerian Air Force jet carrying the 74-year-old landed at the airport in the northern city of Kaduna at about 7:40 am (0640 GMT). He was then flown by helicopter to Abuja.

In the capital, the head of state, looking gaunt in a billowing black kaftan, stepped off the helicopter and walked across the tarmac to be greeted by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

He also met security chiefs and senior government officials before being driven away in a black official car to meet his cabinet and officials of his ruling All Progressives Congress party.

At the meeting, he did not give any indication of what illness he was suffering from but said “I have received, I think, the best of treatment I could receive.

“I couldn’t recall being so sick since I was a young man,” he added, referring to “blood transfusions, going to the laboratories and so on and so forth”.

But he said he was “pleased to be back”, although he disclosed that he may need “further follow-up within some weeks”.

Buhari’s return from London was announced on Thursday evening and he said he “came back towards the weekend, so that the vice president will continue and I will continue to rest”.

No timeline was given for how long Osinbajo, who was officially conferred powers as acting president, would be in charge.

Former military ruler Buhari flew to London on January 19, officially on holiday and to have what his office said were “routine medical check-ups” for an undisclosed condition.

But while he was away, aides had to counter persistent rumours online that he was seriously ill or even dead, despite photographs showing him meeting senior Nigerian politicians.

Earlier Friday he was shown in photographs looking painfully thin at a meeting with the most senior cleric in the Anglican communion, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby.

Buhari had previously travelled to London in June last year to receive treatment for what was described as a persistent inner ear infection.

He left for London again in January but on the eve of his expected return on February 5, his office announced he had to extend his stay to receive medical test results.

The health of Nigeria’s president has become a sensitive issue following the 2010 death of president Umaru Musa Yar’Adua from a long-standing, but previously undisclosed, kidney complaint.

Yar’Adua’s initial illness and treatment in hospital abroad triggered months of political uncertainty. His deputy, Goodluck Jonathan, took over on Yar’Adua’s death.

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  • El_Komo

    He has a terminal illness from the look of things. I hope he makes it to 2019.

    • yinka

      Dr EL Komo can diagnosis patient from looking at the picture. I have said that some Nigerians are incorrigible silly but they have raised their level silliness to unbelievable over Buhari’s health. How will you feel if I told your friend that from looking at you, I believe you are HIV/ AIDS patient.

      • El_Komo

        You obviously have little grasp of grammar, as the expression “from the look of things” does not literally mean from looking at him. The nature of his illness is widely available online if you look well enough.

  • vincentumenyiora


    Think for a moment if Nigeria had half dozen of god Internationally rated Specialist Hospital we won’t be caught in this quagmire but let the wish of God prevails in this matter! On hindsight we may look back on the statement of Asewaju Bola Tinubu after his visit in London to see President M. Buhari with Chief Akande, which is part of the big problems about Nigeria if only those who have conscience can rise up and speak the truth about what is happening in the country Nigeria regarding politics and politicking!
    And I posted a comment earlier as if I knew what was coming – playing politics with treachery intertwined, rather than go about the game with clear mind especially where the right solutions were handed in to help you people!! Like I said I’ll wait to see the dust flared in this new development settled before I make further comments!If you’ve read this comment better you go and study my solution handed in on 2nd February 2015 I keep harping on this idea whatever PhD you think you have yet you cannot solve the political problem in Nigeria! You’re using my ‘Option A-4’ raised far back in 1991/92 for the 1993 elections om addition the finger or name-reader machines as an adjunct to the ‘Option A-4!’

  • Iskacountryman

    sharap biafran…

  • Patrick N. Nnate

    I think the President should be sincere to himself and bow out honourably. It is not dishonourable for an honourable man, if he thinks he is one, to honourably resign. I think the ovation is still a little loud! Please for God’s sake, the man is very sick. Does he want to die in office. What is wrong with Mr. Buhari simply telling Nigerians “I CAN’T CONTINUE?” He looks so frail, like some one who could be blown down by the wind any moment.

    • yinka

      You thought he will die in London, tell the truth. Sickness is NOT an handicapped, but depends on how you handled it. May God never grant you wish concerning Buhari. People younger than die in office from whatever including heart attack. I wish you good health because you may have to face faith in your age and other may wish you death.

  • PureMan2

    Welcome our dear President. We love you and we wish you well always.

  • FrancisN

    Let’s pray for the President, and wish him quick recovery. I am not a fan of APC or any political party. I am a fan of social justice. It is clear that anyone can become ill, whether the person is president or a common citizen. It is silly to politicize the illness of a person just because he is President. Should the sick be your sibling or friend you will surely pray or wish him/her well, won’t you?

  • ade

    Mr Buhari, welcome back sir and we wish you good health. It is great that you at least came back to show up physically. But I would suggest, that you do all that is possible to regain your health or at least follow your doctors management plan. Health is wealth and it irreplaceable. You have an able vice president, so please, if you have to go back to your hospital, do it. Your life has a lot of worth and its priceless. You are not weak by being sick, it is just life as mere mortals that we are. I wish you a speedy recovery (or speedy recover, according to Shina Peters…Ha! Ha!). May Allah be with you from Adetijani Ahmadu Okafor alias “TJ”

  • vincentumenyiora

    Tell you something folks, I almost solved Nigerian political problems if you have time to read my contributions or solutions to them all particularly what you are faced with presently if they tried to follow the suggestions! Even with this present dicey and unpredictable situation the protagonists I know are now waiting on the wings’ll still be satisfied with whatever the outcome could be! You’ll not believe this, but exactly what I set out in the submission handed in on 2nd February 2015 to the office of the (SGF) and the Senate President to avert this situation if we met it! And here we are Nigeria with the loads of properly trained personnel – citizens from the very developed countries education-wise and technology yet it does not know what to do with the gains from the ‘brains gains’ from the countries where they are domiciled like India and Israel did in their own quest or hunt 4 technological development! Over 4,000 trained and qualified Heads/ brains left languishing by repulsive, rebuff or exclusive policies satisfied only for them to send monies for dependent relatives in Nigeria for food – feeding and possibly building houses for them and all the training and experience they acquired (they have) kept out of Nigeria! Essentially what my solution is about should have settled the issue of Buhari’s health predicament and so the protagonists desire in Nigeria!

  • vincentumenyiora

    Iskacountryman – I don’t blame you muu-muu, am only trying to help you people start thinking about the shortcomings in Nigeria – about time you Wake up!

  • talkertive

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