Buhari can re-nominate Magu for confirmation as EFCC boss, says Ndume

Mohammed Ali Ndume

The Chairman Senate Committee on Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume, says President Muhammadu Buhari can re-present Ibrahim Magu for confirmation as the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to the Senate.

He said the president, having earlier cleared Magu based on a report by the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), Abubakar Malami should go ahead to stand by his conviction that the Acting Chairman of EFCC committed no infraction contrary to the allegations leveled against him by the DSS.

Ndume stated this in an interview on a television station yesterday. He said his support for Magu to continue to head the EFCC was not because he had any personal interest in him, but because of the need to sustain the momentum on the anti-corruption battle he has been fighting.

The former Senate majority leader said President Buhari should never allow any form of compromise on his commitment to the fight against corruption in Nigeria, a reason he should stick to Magu as the Chairman of the EFCC.

He also faulted the voice vote employed by the Senate President, Bukola Saraki which led to Magu’s rejection, contending that the Senate president in line with tradition should have differed voting on Magu to another legislative day after he had been screened.

Ndume lamented that the rejection of Magu by the Senate was premeditated, wondering why it had to write to the DSS to demand for an advisory on Magu just a day to his scheduled screening.

“As a Senate, our job is limited only to confirmation of nominees. We are not supposed to investigate anybody. We are not supposed to be a court. The tradition is that if there is a nominee before us, Senators from that state will take a position and that is the first hurdle.

Ndume lamented that the All Progressives Congress (APC) failed to intervene on the issue of Magu by calling for a meeting of the party’s Senate caucus, a reason he said there was a disconnect among its members in the Senate on the issues at stake.

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  • Emeka

    Ndume stop troubling your head, because over 90% of them are afraid of going to jail…

  • Ad Rant

    If only they will agree with my advice on http://www.propertynews.com.ng

  • vincentumenyiora

    Ndume Buhari cannot and should not re-submit Magu’s name for confirmation again because you have other qualified officers to carry on with the job! I saw you say because he is from your State that is why you want him in the position! Now, tell me what you mean by reasonable; on one hand you’re shouting about corruption on the other you want your man spared; any fool’ll ask Why?

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    In the event that Magu’s hands are clean, then I must confess that Nigerians are tangled in a very complex web of deceit spun by enemies who have seized the top echelon of the National Assembly, particularly the Senate and are even now toying with the future of their country under the guise of politicking.
    The scheme is so complex but one could clearly notice the hand of Esau mischievously directing events in favour of the opposing party at the NASS.
    The voice of APC in the Senate is so incoherent one could be forgiven for thinking that Wadata Plaza now operates from the heart of the NASS. Therefore, APC’s Chairman’s office needs to be shocked out of its snooze mode and made to yank the APC majority caucus at the NASS by its collars and re-educate them about one of their fundamental roles. Nothing at the Senate gives one the impression that the APC is in control. It’s leaders, from Saraki to Melaye are known former PDP members whose every body language still reflect their allegiance to the PDP. The actions and utterances of rebellious members of the APC, such as Senator Shehu Sani’s, only help to compound the woes of the APC. Two years into its four-year term, the APC engine is already losing steam while its majority at the National Assembly look like a shrivelled hand. Those who should be alarmed and who should stem the catastrophic drift are busy shirking their responsibilities and looking criminally unperturbed!!! This is woeful as the APC will soon find out…