Buhari again hails Jonathan for peaceful transition in Nigeria

GOODLUCK WITH BUHARIPresident Muhammadu Buhari has again acknowledged the role played by former president Goodluck Jonathan in midwifing a peaceful and successful transition programme in the country.

He said this on Sunday in his address to the AU Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“I cannot fail to acknowledge the very positive role played by my predecessor, President Goodluck Jonathan, in averting the feared crisis, and in facilitating the peaceful transition of power between the two parties.

President Buhari said his election had been described as historic.

“I agree that it is indeed historic because for the first time in the practice of democracy in my country, an opposition party has defeated the ruling party in a keenly contested election.

“The election was also held against the backdrop of the fears and concerns expressed both in Nigeria and among our international friends abroad and partners that the outcome of the election could spell doom for Nigeria.

“I am glad that even though those fears and concerns were not without basis, the outcome was totally different, to the relief of all of us,’’ he said.

Buhari reiterated that the process, which was adjudged as the fairest and most credible in the history of elections in Nigeria, was midwifed by the dogged and sustained determination of the Nigerian people, and their desire to deepen democracy.

He said the people’s quest was amply supported, and even encouraged by the goodwill of friends and partners in the international community.

“I therefore wish to seize this opportunity to convey my very deep appreciation to all those who contributed to the success of that election.

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  • Abayomi A

    Buhari: Honour your pact with Nigeria and Nigerians: We WILL Reciprocate

    Dear President Buhari,

    We, Nigerian masses, who elected you in our superior millions accept your humble acknowledgment with reciprocal humility. Now, the hard part; the job of governance.

    You have started well, but many of us crave for the pace to be faster. We understand the preachment about patience, but hungry stomachs know little patience. We do not want you to unwittingly play into the propaganda of our detractors, as anyone who is your detractor is actually our detractor.

    Do not give the mistaken impresison that you are struggling with making up your mind on picking your team-members. We know the enormity of lobbying going on, but you must be yourself and stay focused only on the national interest.

    While you may be carrying the baggage of having once been a military ruler, your 2015 democratic mutant cannot afford to live in fear of professional sceptics. Stay focused on firmly, decisively and sagaciously doing the People’s job as assigned.

    So, here is a list of the top agenda in the pact Nigerians agreed with you as the nation’s President and Commander-in-Chief for the next four years:

    – Root out the crippling corruption in high and low places (especially the former);

    – Begin to recover Nigeria’s looted billions from old and new thieves/miscreants;

    – Arrest the directionlessness in the erstwhile effort to rein in Boko Haram;

    – Give the near-comatose Nigerian economy a definitive shot in the arm;

    – Give Nigerian masses the life-and death break they need and deserve, not additional burdens of paying for the reckless and criminal escapades of their prodigal politicians or the latter’s lackeys, fronts, connivers and partners-in-crime;

    – Break the jinx of Nigeria’s epileptic electricity supply once and for all; and

    – Bless Nigerians with the democratic variant of your one-time WAI

    In return for your faithfulness to the pact, we pledge to stay solidly in your corner and fight anyone or group daring to work against your government. We shall ensure that our elected Senators, members of the House of Representatives and the judiciary follow the path of sanity and work with you to deliver on your pact.

    If you deliver, we shall ensure you return to Aso Rock in 2019, even if you match Methuselah or do your job from a wheelchair. You will not be the first. America’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) did before you. He delivered. We are confident that you can. God help you honour your pact with Nigeria and Nigerians.