BREAKING: Abdeslam Salah, 8th Paris attacker arrested

Paris attack 120 deadBelgium radio says the 8th Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam has been arrested in the Belgian city of Molenbeek.
Details coming soon.

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  • Ebaah Odibo

    When will Shekau be arrested or confirmed dead?


    Brilliant, ship back any Arabs back to where they came from, not to be trust, Citizen or no Citizem its agenda to kill us and our culture .

    • yinka

      Since you reside in Nigeria, l don’t expect you understand the constitution of developed countries. Maybe, Obama should be ship to Kenya since his sound foreign in USA.

      • BENBELLA

        Yinka thats what you called yourself, please i dont reside in a stupid and backward Country please, If you are talking about the Western world Constitution , well there is a normal ways of accepting refuges alright,througfh UN , When people like Gadaffi and Saddam was alive ,do you have any such things like refugees ? do not even mention Obama, His was was in the US to study amd married an American Woman, his father was not a refugee Iyinka, You dont understand whats going on with the purpose of Arabs refugees guy, Give them the tools to help themself, , what you are saying let every Syria should moved to Europe, when Countries like Saudi and Kuwait refuse to accept them common sense, Arabs must be stop, i am not talking about Nigerian Boko Home made trouble maker in your Country alright.
        Please check UN Charters of the meaning of Refugees that civilized world follows alright, not cross borders to kill people , charity begins at home, ok. Later for you Iyinka

        • yinka

          Again, you doing that same. Mass deportation of Jews by Germans was not acceptable . So, how do you justify mass deportation of Arabs from Europe. Common, just because some criminal elements who are bend on killing innocent people under pretense of lslam, all Arabs most be crucified. The person that destroy the bee house must be prepared for bee stings.

          • BENBELLA

            Iyinka, they have sincere ways of help refugees who are Arabs Syria ok , many Countries have different ways of accepting refugees, eg, Canada with 25K, US with 100k, etc, WHY the Arabs Countries are nothing help them ? many are entering Europe in false pretence to destroy innocent people in the name of their RELIGION, thats my issue, i am not saying deport all the ARABS in Michigan, USA, or Chicago, ,what i am saying is where is the rest of ARABS Countries ? to help Syria, ! during Liberial WAR , Nigerian and other Countries took them as a Refugees, they never went to Europe just like free flight entry , they went through the normal Channel system ok,

    • isaac

      I understand your concern about the security situation in the all over the world, i think we should not judge or tag every muslim as terrorist but try as much as possible to understand the ” kill the infidels” ideology, the operation methods of the unscrupulous in their midst and make them face the same fate as their victims.

  • Auta62

    This can only happen in places where the system works. Kudos the Belgian security for a job well done.

  • Akano

    That is possible only when the search is based on commitment to national statistics, security and professional integrity, not on tribal, religious or just personal interest.A white elephant can disappear in broad daylight, depending on whose interest is at work?