Benin electricity company explains cause of irregular power



THE management of Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) yesterday said it would be difficult at the moment for the country to achieve 24 hours power supply as being demanded by Nigerians unless power generation improves.

This position is coming on the heels of protest by residents of Irhiri area in Benin City to the headquarters of the company complaining of epileptic power supply and demanding that the distribution company gives them 24 hours uninterrupted power. BEDC is in charge of power distribution to Edo, Delta, Ondo and Ekiti states.

Head, Corporate Affairs, BEDC Curtuis Nwadei told journalists that only nine percent of the total power generation is available for distribution to its customers even as he said the company also grapples with the problem of high indebtedness from both states and Federal Government agencies including military and paramilitary agencies, energy theft, and assault of its staff.

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  • godwin111


  • Harry Obi Egiliga

    Nigeria economy will continue to depend on foreign products, I am a producer and use an average of #8000 to run my production daily. BEDC is the worst distribution company. We practically are responsible for buying transformers, cable fuses box and paid and beg it staff to install them when the existing ones spoiled. Are these problems also generating ones. The management is incapable, they are failures. They are frustrated Nigeria. Since they took over what improvements have they brought. I stand to be corrected. The guardian newspaper should take a survey around Warri and environ and call me a liar, my number is 07064632020

    • Emesiobi Justice

      The truth be told BEDC is a scam on the highest order yes we buy the transformer,cables,meters etc yet all the do give us power that amounts to nothing yet we pay the fixed charge for each monthly subscription even when the accumulated power supply in a month is not up to 168 hrs a month yet the government sits and folds it arms doing nothing.what a country .

  • Nelson

    The Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) is a colossal disaster. I use an average of N1500 fuel everyday to power my generator in order to have light and also preserve things in the fridge/freezer. For days, they will not supply power. Yet, I live in a city where BEDC pretends to be in charge of electricity supply. For me, their power source is not only “standby” but a rarity. I am sure they lack any experience in energy management but got this juicy area because of who the directors know. It is sad and most unfortunate that a set of persons will get together, register a company and commence such rip off. You buy recharge under the prepaid meter and don’t get supplied the energy, yet you pay the monthly N750. The height of the irony is that I watched the inauguration of President Buhari and Nigeria’s under-20 world cup matches through energy supplied by my generator. If we use BEDC as yardstick, then one can say that there is no government in Nigeria.