Electricity restored to Ogwashi-Uku seven years after

Electricity Pole. PHOTO:csiro.au

There was jubilation by residents of some parts of Ogwashi-Uku, headquarters of Aniocha-South Council of Delta State over the weekend, as Benin Electricity Distribution (BEDC) restored power to the community seven years after it was thrown into darkness.

The restoration, according to BEDC’s plan, is expected to be extended to other residents of the town in due course, as more transformers would be metered and energised in the coming days, as enumeration revalidation, network rehabilitation and safety checks continue in earnest.

The restoration process started with a town hall meeting organised by the Ogwashi-Uku D-Forum, in collaboration with the management of BEDC, led by the Chief State Head (Delta), Ernest Edgar, and including the Business Manager, Asaba Business Unit, Adekola Abiodun, and his technical team, with delegates from the various quarters and sub-clans that make up Ogwashi-Uku and environs was meant to brief residents on the extent of job done so far.

Edgar expressed shock at the level of vandalism of the network, in spite of rehabilitation work carried out by BEDC in June last year, pleading with the community leaders to work with the company to educate the public on the need to protect the equipment.

Edgar educate the people on the NERC directive on the use of methodology for estimated billing and confirmed that individual estimated bills would be delivered to each customer based on the global readings from the statistical meters installed on each transformer feeding the respective customers connected to the same transformer.

BEDC Safety Manager, Gilbert Nweke, enlightened the delegates on basic safety tips to be disseminated to their people in readiness for the gradual restoration of power in phases to the various areas.

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  • Collins Nweke

    Let us hope that this is the beginning of a tale of hope and change in the electricity story in the region as Igbuzo (Ibusa) and other towns have been in darkness for much longer than Asaba. These communities are very forgiving, kind people and would put the past behind them if the situation changes going forward. Like I said, without dragging up the old messy past, let’s hope this is the start of a new era of electricity policy for the region.

  • tarojojoye

    The great philosopher Bertrand Russell once said ” the evils of the world are due to moral defects—”. What was not obvious in this statement is what if there are no morals, how do you deal with that situation? At the moment Nigeria seems to exist in a moral vacuum, morality no longer exists in NIGERIA. Otherwise why should a town in the country exist without electricity for 7 years and there is a government! By 1960 the British provided water and electricity for every major towns and cities in Nigeria. Today self governing administration is telling people to rely on portable water and bore holes. no qualms, this has become normal and people accept it.This 57 years after independence. Can you see what I mean by saying we exist in a moral vacuum. People accept all this incongrueties as normal, they never protest against it.