Bauchi Dry Season Groundnut Farmers cultivate 50 hectares of farmland

PeanutsBauchi State Dry Season Groundnut Farmers has said that it cultivated 50 hectares of groundnut farmland during the 2014/2015 dry season farming.

The Programme Manager, Bauchi State Agricultural Development Programme, Dr Iliyasu Gital, made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Bauchi on Monday.

Gital said that “officially, 50 hectares were cultivated and it is quarter hectare per farmer, therefore, 200 farmers participated during the period.

“We introduced it in 2012/2013 and all the produce was bought by the state government under what we call “buy back for the system.

“We then redistributed the seeds to the 2014/2015 farmers and a lot of farmers have planted the seeds,’’ he said.

Gital said that due to the prolonged harmattan experienced in the state, farmers were advised to delay planting of the crop.

“We also asked farmers to delay because if you plant it in harmattan period, it may not perform well, so right now they are irrigating the groundnut.

“Fortunately, it is about to be harvested because we did it earlier than the previous years.

“Last year, rain came and met the crop on the field and it really reduced the amount that farmers are supposed to get.

“We are not only selling the groundnut, farmers are selling the herb, we urged the farmers to plant it early before the rain sets in,’’ Gital said.

The programme manager said that the proposed Backyard Irrigated Farming for Rural Women could not be embarked upon due to late arrival of the equipment meant for it.

He said that because the equipment did not arrive in time, “we said we will not allow farmers to operate on loose bases.

“If you introduce something late, it is going to affect the farmer’s yield per hectare and farmers may not go for it next time.

“We don’t want to discourage farmers by beginning it at a wrong time, so we have reserved it for the next season.’’

According to him, definitely it will be carried forward since the materials have arrived, so farmers will be encouraged to start in earnest next season.

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    …please keep it up. We need the groundnut pyramids back. Just so you know you can have a good agrotourism built around the famed groundnut pyramids…thereby bringing in extra revenue.