Ayetoro community’s stool still vacant, 14 months after

 Some Ayetoro elders

Some Ayetoro elders

The Supreme Council of Elders, Ayetoro community in Ilaje Local Council of Ondo State has declared the stool of Ogeleyinbo, the celestial and community head of the theocratic community, vacant.

This was disclosed by the Principal Secretary of the Holy Apostles’ Church, Apostle Atimishe Ademolu, while addressing journalists yesterday in Ayetoro, affirming that the tradition of selecting a new king is sacrosanct.

The community that was founded in 1947 took its protest to the streets after last Sunday service, displaying several placards and chanting songs to denounce the imposition of a king on the theocratic community.

For the record, there have been outbreaks of crises in the community since the death of the last Ogeleyinbo on February 13, 2015, which escalated to the closure of the only church in Ayetoro, four months ago after Michael Ajijo reportedly declared himself as the sixth Ogeleyinbo-elect.

According to the elders, the long-tested and immutable procedure for enthronement of all past occupants of the hallowed seat of Ogeleyinbo of Holy Apostles’ Church and Ayetoro community have been under the Holy Spirit.

They stated that after the demise of any king, the prophets and the Supreme Council of Elders and board of management constitute a council that will assume the status of regency till the spirit anoints a new king.

The elders accused Ajijo of breaking into “the inner room of the palace and tampered with the concave and dipped hand into the ‘covenant box/property of the church, looted the property, thereafter selected Micah Ajijo as His Spiritual Majesty-elect.

“They deployed 126 mobile policemen to chase us out of the church that is why we are worshipping our God on the street here. Every now and then, they have been using military to try to impose Ajijo on the church and the community.”

The council resolved that it is only an adherence to the traditional process of selecting a king through spiritual anointing that can broker peace in the community rather than the present imposition or politicisation of the throne by some individuals.

The Guardian visited the palace of the embattled Ogeleyinbo, Ajijo twice, for his own side of the story to no avail. However, the man who identified himself as the Secretary General of the faction, Dele Kudehinbu, said the king could not speak because there was no initial notice. He insisted that a formal letter should be addressed to the king, who will accede and determine when he will be available.

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    The Guardian Newspaper being a recognised newspaper house should learn to tell their reporters and journalists to gather their facts well,hear from both sides of a story before posting anything on the pages of your papers that might risk your newspaper from being read by the populates! Cos by the time they find out most of your stories are usually false and made up stories by people that being it to you and you without verifying before you post, I’m sure you won’t like that. Firstly the kings seat and not stool of the community is not vacant! The rightful king is already sitting on the throne. Thank you!