Audit report exposes over N3tr fraud at NNPC, ONSA

NNPC Tower

NNPC Tower

• N’Assembly, embassy, prisons service indicted
• Corporation failed to remit N3.234tr domestic crude oil sales
• $581,899,088 gas sale money not in escrow account
• N36.43b dams fund diverted to NSA’s Office

A damning audit report from the Auditor-General of the Federation, Samuel Ukura, which was submitted to the National Assembly yesterday showed monumental corruption in some Federal Government’s establishments.

Key aspects of the 2014 report which was presented to the Clerk to the National Assembly (CNA), Salisu Maikasuwa, include the alleged refusal of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to remit some N3,234,577,666,791.35 trillion revenue for the sale of domestic crude oil to the federation account.

The report stated that “From the examination of NNPC mandates to CBN on Domestic Crude Oil Sales and Reconciliation statement of … sub-committee of Federation Allocation Account committee meeting held in January, 2014, amount not remitted to FAAC was N3,234,577,666 791.35.”

According to the report, some $235,685,861.31 representing money realised from gas sale was diverted from the escrow account‎.
“Review of state profile on sale of gas to the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) was not paid to the Federation Account but transferred to some undisclosed ‎escrow accounts. Relevant documents were not made available for verification.
“Sales profile on gas in respect of gas export sales due to federation were stated to have been paid and received through the NGL funding accounts, no statements or documents were made available to confirm the receipts as well as the utilisation of these payments made through the named account,” the report further stated.

It was also alleged in the report that a total payment, amounting to N73,547,759,436 was made within the period in breach of established purpose of the funds. It stated: “The sum of N36,432,423,968.73 was released to the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) for the rehabilitation and construction of dams instead of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources.
“The sum of N2,894,531250.00 was spent for the procurement of hand sanitizers for schools and critical public places.The sum of N31,324,952,239.87 was payment of subsidy on fertilizer and youth employment in agricultural programmes.
“The sum of N2,395,851,978.00 was payment for group Life Assurance Premium for Armed Forces budget in 2013, but not backed. The sum of N500,000,000 was made as payment for agricultural programmes.
“These were at variance with the purpose of the fund. No evidence of these lines of expenditure in the 2014 Appropriation Act,” the AGF revealed in the report.

But the report also indicted the management of the National Assembly that would process and give effect to the report. It stated that the management of the National Assembly made payments of N9,514,568,222.62, without raising payment vouchers. According to the AGF, the management of the National Assembly violated the nation’s financial regulation.

In the same period under review, personal advances were granted to 112 officials of the National Assembly from recurrent votes and 50 members of staff from general service votes from July to December, 2014 for various purposes, all amounting to N1,162,009,305.00.

In the audit report, the AGF also revealed how the Embassy of Nigeria in Washington DC, United States of America, realised Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) between 2012 and March 2015, but expended the whole amount on sundry expenses. The said amount is $3,705,428.00.

The audit report indicted the leadership of the Nigerian Prisons Service. The AGF in the report said Pay As You Earn (PAYE) tax of N2,036,758,176.75 was deducted and said to be remitted to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). According to the report, there is no evidence of remittance and nothing was produced for audit confirmation.

The Clerk to the National Assembly is expected to forward the report to the leadership of both chambers for further consideration.

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  • Kunle

    Long live to Buari, long live to Nigeria. PDP has sold Nigeria and nigerians.

  • toni

    My GOD these people almost sold Nigeria.

    • Tripple_light

      Not almost, they certainly did. What is left is mere carcass.

  • Tony

    This is another padded corruption propaganda with little or no truth. God help Nigeria

    • New Nigerian

      You are reading facts and you peddle claims – back up your claims with facts

    • Holarbash

      #sigh. You see all these figures and you are still talking trash?????. Well, it’s is expected sha. Glorified illiterate

  • New Nigerian

    Connecting the dots . I wrote earlier that David Mark was behaving true to type last week and that the reasons would soon be known? Now we see here that there is N14.31billion that the national assembly management has to explain, 9.514billion of which was made without payment voucher! …now you see why David Mark and the Clerk had to plan a coup to make Saraki the senate president in the wee hours of the morning while his party members were meeting somewhere?. you see the truth people!!….and that is just scratching the surface!

    This is what I wrote with respect to the 3billion+ shared by Fani Kayode and co..yesterday

    “You’d recall that Femi Fani Kayode have been writing lots of incendiary opinion pieces lately – in the hypocritical name of ethnicityand religion – It is a pattern with the pdplutocrats. When they are about to be exposed for how they stole the commonwealth, they take to the press to try poison everyone’s mind against the administration (babaFalae and the Fulani herdsmen, Femi and his children of Futa Jalon piece, Metuh and his several diatribes, etc). They always forget one thing, this administration is the government of the people by the people for the people with the mandate to do what they are doing. So their ploy fails all the time. But they keep doing it because that is the only game they have. So today Femi Fani Kayode is outed, David Mark may not be far off, given his posturing of late as well(..stretching civil disturbance into genocidal claims)…how about Northern CAN? they were the ones mouthing off on behalf of Nenadi Usman (and now we know for
    Mark) and SE CAN for the others as of last week…and this week MASSOB joins them with long tales….”

    Now to the weighty discovery of what the ineffectual buffoon and the pdplutocrats did in 2014 alone as reported here. …I am convinced that it is because God said, enough already of death, destruction and destitution at the hands of evil doers lording it over Nigerians, that the pdplutocrats headed by the ineffectual buffoon were voted out. I have faith that God in His infinite mercies will support the administration of the government of the people by the people for the people headed by president Muhammadu Buhari to kill corruption before it kills Nigeria, recover stolen commonwealth, eliminate terrorism in the land and bequeath to future generations of Nigeria a progressive country where peace, liberty and freedom for all is guaranteed with everyone’s right to the pursuit of happiness as dividends. So help us God!

    • otigbu

      stop that nonsense , it is not 2014 issue, the audit was done in 2014. the people that made the law that allows government parastatals to use 80% of their revenue and remit only 20% to government was not by a government led by a southerner but government led by northerners. they have used this loop hole to siphon moneyin the past. so before you open your mouth and talk rubbish, you should explain to us why Sanusi was doling out nigerian money at will in billions to his northern cronies, cos the law gave him the freedom. so just wait soon responses will start flowing from the appropriate quarters then we will know whether this another padded propaganda

      • New Nigerian

        I understand the emotion, but you are contradicting yourself. This forum have edit function, use it!

    • ubong

      This has nothing to do with David Mark, rather we should be weeping if this report is authentic. These series of looting carried out by our so clled public officers is easy because nigerians are very gullible to accept most of these lootings by our public officers. instead of demanding their rights and making sure every person indicted is punish within the law. David Mark did not head NNPC. ONSA and manyother departments mention in the audit report. so we should put aside our personal malice and talk about national disgrace and shame that we are reading every day on pages of our newspapers.

      • New Nigerian

        Did you read what happened in the National Assembly under David Mark? – See Paragraph 6 and 7

        • Tripple_light

          The illiterate cannot read, so how do you expect him to discern such big grammar?

        • ubong

          it i a generic exposue of greed and corruption among all public officers across party platforms. To single out one person, probably based on personal dislike or political affliation is not what nigerians need at moment. We need President Buhari to make sure his corruption war, massively supported by sufering nigerians is fought devoid of political party. Hr should do something that late Tunde Idiagbon will rejoice in the grave that their msssion to santized the country of official lawlessness , corruption and impunity among our public officers and nigerians is achieved

  • bobo

    Our FIRS auditors are all billionaires because they get bribed not to reveal the truth. It’s not only the few government agencies and the embassy mentioned that are guilty of corruption. Every Nigerian ministry and embassy is the same – they bribe the auditors that are sent to audit them. The auditors are the only ones that can help reveal the dirty deeds of the criminal politicians, so I’ll suggest the President starts his anti corruption campaign by first cleaning up the FIRS.

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    That is act1 Scene1, very soon conflicting figures will soon start flying. Sanusi did it, Oshiomole did the same. There is no where in this World such Trillions of Naira can hide. This is another opportunity for the Daura moron to divert attention from the dying Naira and decaying stock exchange