AU, African Court tie continent’s growth to rights protection



THE African Union (AU) and the African Court on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) have called on governments of member states to intensify their efforts towards protection and promotion of the rights of their citizens.

In an electronic statement on the judicial dialogue organised by the AU and the African Court in Arusha, Tanzania from November 4 to 6, both organs stated that the continent would only attain its potentials under an atmosphere that protects, promotes human rights and encourages citizens’ participation in the quest for prosperity and peace.

According to the Commissioner for Political Affairs of the African Union Commission, Dr. Aisha Laraba Abdulahi, the AU’s commitment to promotion and protection of human rights is “unquestionable” owing to its position that its “powerful vision of a united, integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa” should be driven by its own citizens “playing a dynamic role in the international arena.”

“Integral to this noble vision is the imperative on the part of AU member states to promote and protect human and peoples’ rights.”

She explained that in line with the union’s vision, “it has recently adopted the Africa Agenda 2063, which is a 50-year development path of our continent.”

Abdulahi further explained that the said Agenda 2063 “builds upon other development blue-prints that came before, including the Lagos Plan and Act of Lagos, the Treaty on the African Economic Community (AEC) – The Abuja Treaty, the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD), and the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM).

She added: “One of the key enablers for successful implementation of Agenda 2063, including its first 10 year action plan (2013-2023) is the entrenchment of a culture of human rights.

“One of the eight aspirations voiced by African stakeholders consulted during the development of Agenda 2063 reflecting on the Africa They Want by the year 2063 is a democratically governed and peaceful Africa in which human rights are respected, a culture of constitutionalism and rule of law is entrenched and justice is dispensed fairly and equally without fear, prejudice and favour.

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