Army pledges readiness to suppress insurrection in South East, South South

army raidsThe 82 Division of the Nigerian Army has pledged its readiness to suppress insurrection in the South East and South South geopolitical zones whenever it was called upon to do so.

Addressing newsmen in Enugu on Monday, the Deputy Director of Army Public Relations in the division, Col. Hamza Gambo, said the statement had become imperative because of “the marked increase in the activities of pro-Biafran groups’’ in the areas.

Gambo listed the activities to include protest marches, demonstrations and some cases of outright lawlessness and threat to lives and properties.

“The truism of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly is not contestable particularly as it is guaranteed by the constitution.

“Instructively, this constitutional guarantee does not allow for abuse of other person’s freedom and safety.

“It is pertinent to note that the same constitution mandates the armed forces of Nigeria to suppress insurrection and act in aid of civil authority to restore order when called upon to do so.

“To this end, if and when the Nigerian Army is called upon to oplay its legally mandated role, it shall do so with utmost sense of duty and responsibility to the nation,’’ he said.

The spokesman said the army would act within its rules of engagement and called on law-abiding citizens to go about their normal activities.

He said that the disturbances were orchestrated by the Movement for the Actualisation of the Soverign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Gambo said that the agitations had led to an increased sense of insecurity in the regions.

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  • Izeobor

    What an irony! The same zombies that were running way when Boko Haram is on operation are bloating about quelling unarmed protesters!

  • Gbogboade

    Truly a shame on the so called biafrans. Jonathan Goodluck was in the saddle for six years and did pretty little for the east and the region. The network of roads in the east is the most undeveloped. Easterners held very senior positions in the government of Jonathan Goodluck and did nothing to develop their region except steal large swathes of money for personal aggrandisement. 2015 elections arrived and the Igbos voted Jonathan Goodluck and lost out with him. So the cry to rebellion is the Igbo way of destabilizing what they lost in free elections. Therefore, President Buhari should do the needful straight away : Declare a state of emergency in the east : Suspend the constitution there : Remove all of their governors : Appoint Administrators for the states : Call in the Army to perform its constitutional duty – suppress the rebellion, by force of arms : Try and jail the rebels and their instigators.

    • uche okoro

      You have one of the most retarded brains ever

    • Peter O Peters

      Good idea but should start from Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, etc.
      Thunder fire your yash!

    • 2mmmmmm1nnnnnn


    • amador kester

      Goodl uck jonathan was the greatest enemy of the igbo race, and a very cunning fellow
      . He rode that tribe like a donkey, . As for the peaceful demonstrations that does not call for military action
      . Military action compels the demonstrators to arm. The consequences are unpredictable. I dont want this army to be taught a hard lesson.. Lets live in peace. Unless it is wanted otherwise by choice

      • Ralf

        Wht good has your Buhari done to d igbos even in d 80’s n now..Just support them to hv their own country. .Case closed..Na by force? ?

    • emmanuel kalu

      LOL, what an ignorant fool. and the people in the SE would just sit and let the president do all that. what was a simple protest would then turn civil war.
      I think ignorant is a kind word for you. Maybe we can practice what you said in the NE.

      • Rev. Fr. Fadele Emmanuel

        War is never a tea party. Don’t pray you see war here again. I was born in Enugu before the war. I was old enough to know what was going on then. Look through the window from r relatively peaceful country to Lybia Syria n Iraq. See hordes of refugees trekking the Globe all they have to protect is their breath LIFE. Am sure you don’t want that. the world is more devious n selfish today. if you think you will get help from the international world to rehabilitate , rebuild, n reconcile after the world like 45yrs ago you are joking. The winner after Amy war are the arms dealers. Those who fight wars lose. God bless

    • Rev. Fr. Fadele Emmanuel

      All Nigerians should clamour for true federalism. The protesters are in good number Nigerians who should be listened to n pacified. Even if they are ‘wrong’ seemingly in their approach to issue at hand. We can solve human problems without shedding blood needlessly. Referendum should be organised in the last resort n the contentious issues be put to vote. If the majority says state of Biafra should be then peacefully let it be without a single sound of gunshot or a droplet of blood. We cannot use force all the time to live together. My humble advice however to the agitators of Biafra is that they would need all their immediate sorrounding neighbours for international n regional trade n cooperation ultimately. They are unwisely building enmity for Biafra

      • Gbogboade

        Rev. Emmanuel,
        *Biafra died in 1970. It went down with lots of sweat and blood.
        *There will be no referendum to dis-integrate Nigeria.
        *There will be open debates on and an eventual return to the principles of federalism.
        *A section of Nigeria lost a free election whilst aligning with a rudderless government of Goodluck Jonathan. This section of Nigeria is now clamouring to dismember Nigeria because they not win the 2015 federal elections. Did they just wake up to realizing a dream long buried?. No.
        *They want to create a needless crisis.
        *Therefore, the Federal Government of Nigeria has a constitutional duty to surpress this agitation by force of arms. But we will follow due process, as laid down in the 1999 constitution of Nigeria.
        *Adequate warning is now being issued. This matter should not be pushed beyond where it is. The sponsors of this nefarious movement/act will be fished out, soon.
        *We have an abiding duty to keep Nigeria as one strong country.

        • marc umeh

          “There will be no referendum—–
          They want to create a useless state.
          We have an abiding duty to keep Nigeria as one ” ( whether they like it or not).
          These are the words of a rabble rouser. Nobody in his right mind will wish more war for Nigeria. We are having a hard time paying salaries ss it is. Where is the money to fund another war. Pray for peace my friend. Things have changed. Believe me , It is very easy for the Ibos to make the country ungovernable.

      • Bigzy

        But who is talking about the shedding of blood? The world has not seen the strength in numbers in the campaign for anything across the globe ever. Yet, it has remained disciplined and resolute. You must see that you cannot keep a good man down for ever.

      • Francoco

        This protests are uncalled for as it is now. To be realistic the Igbos should stop playing to the gallery, instead they should build bridges across all ethnic groupings so that they can the opportunity to produce a president for Nigeria in future.

        If GEJ had won the last election, I don’t think all this ruthless attitude of self styled MASSOB would have been on board. Let’s call a spade a spade

  • Ify Onabu

    Mr Hamza Gambo, we are talking about unarmed protesters!

  • 2mmmmmm1nnnnnn

    Where probable cause is established against Buhari and/or any Nigerian soldier for violating MASSOB/BIAFRAN MEMBERS PROTECTED FREEDOMS UNDER THE 1999 CONSTITUTION [as amended]; and/or the GENEVA CONVENTION under the International Law, their names would be forwarded to the ICCJ for potential prosecution/trial?Example, Charles Taylor was there; and went through that process; Sudanese Bashir had to escape execution of a warrant of arrest against him in South Africa etc?
    The MASSOB members should be allowed to exercise their rights of FREEDOM?

  • emmanuel kalu

    USELESS FOOLS. go and deal with boko in the NE bombing everyday and killing Nigerian’s. giving our country a bad name as a terrorist hot spot. instead you are making harsh and flexing your military strengthen on hungry protesters.

  • emmanuel kalu

    The military leader that approved this statement by this fool, should be promptly sacked. This is what you get when you get uneducated fools making statement on delicate political matter. This statement can now ignite the few fools in the protest group to go and start arming themselves. you want to break up that protest, announce you have a company that is looking to hire 1000 people. announce the construction of road, and the ability to hire 1000-3500 people. then you would see how many people would be protesting on the street. they would all be at the companies applying for work.

  • christopher

    after you wipe our Boko Haram of course