APC berates Fayose for opposing China’s financial aid



The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has berated Governor Ayodele Fayose for his opposition to the Federal Government’s request to take loan from China for development purposes.

The party said President Muhammadu Buhari’s initiative is in tandem with other countries of the world that are engaged in bilateral arrangements for development purposes.

Fayose had on Wednesday written to the government of China, urging President XI Jinping not to approve $2b loan to implement development component of the 2016 national budget. He sent the letter through his emissary to the Chinese Embassy in Abuja, while he personally took a copy of the letter to Shanghai to be delivered to the Chinese President.

But APC Publicity Secretary, Taiwo Olatunbosun, said in a statement that Fayose’s conduct amounted to a national sabotage and a seditious conduct that must not be allowed to go unchallenged. He regretted that the governor got himself busy spending Ekiti money on frivolities while workers’ salaries remained unpaid for four months. “As we speak, doctors are on strike and Ekiti people are dying while the governor gets himself busy with the activities that will lead to evasion of justice in his several alleged criminal cases so that he can protect his questionable wealth across the world. Even though he has the right to entertain himself being a jester as he has always been, this should not be taken to the extent of constituting a security risk to the Federal Republic.

“While other PDP governors, notably Governor Ayade of Cross River State, are always in Aso Rock on building relationship with the Federal Government for the development of their states, Fayose has made himself a lone enemy of the Federal Government as a self-appointed leader of the opposition to discredit Buhari’s development initiatives,” he said.

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  • Truth

    Fayose always wants to be noticed. Will Buhari pocket the loan? Fayose is rather unfocussed. The world should ignore him.

  • deltavoice

    I have never seen a lazy and foolish public holder in the person of Fayose. I wonder if his father is still alive or if he’s a bachelor. His father nd wife re supposed to be advising him.
    very silly fellow.
    Very slow in thinking
    He talks before he thinks. Talk now think later.

    • koko

      There are millions of Nigerian who are robotic in nature. They appears like normal human beings but actually the element of human are not existing in them

    • I cannot take people like you serious for lack of decorum and raw uncivil language. You have revealed yourself to be inferior morally and and sensibility to Fayose you purport to rebuke. Try to watch your thought before you you spite out rubbish..

      • deltavoice

        You cannot take people like me seriously but you can take someone with a gonorrhoea infected mouth like your deranged Fayose seriously.
        Something is really wrong with your medulla.

  • Baphem

    Very disdainful! Goofed Fayose!!


    What did you expect from a fraudster who become a governor? he knows that EFCC is closing up on him & the only way he can get apperty from Ekiti people is to continue blackmailing of the president & attacking him unjust, what a fool.

  • Keen Observer

    I don’t blame the idiot (Fayose), it’s Ekiti people i blamed, for allowing Fayose to steal their votes through a high powered rigging machinery. Instead of the Ekiti people to protect their votes by protesting like the women of Edo state did during the time of the last PDP gov & Oshiomole 7-yrs ago, they allowed a cool headed medical Dr to be rigged out for a garage thug gov called Fayose. The guy’s so empty-headed.

    • I think Fayose is a dull head, but he did not rig his election. He merely took advantage of the biting poverty in the land by offering his so called stomach infrastructure. That is the reason the rich will always work to keep the people poor because that is the only way they can always hoodwink the masses. Once poverty is ameliorated, the end of rich bullying is near. As for Fayose, his first coming ended in disaster. I don’t see this second coming going any differently. There is a marked difference between being good opposition; keeping the ruling party on their toes for the public good and making a nuisance of oneself. It is still the shame of Nigerian politics that thugs like him can get to these positions. Of course, the good guys don’t participate. What do you expect?

    • I cannot take people like you serious for lack of decorum and raw uncivil language. You have revealed yourself to be inferior morally and and sensibility to Fayose you purport to rebuke. Try to watch your thought before you you spite out rubbish..

  • Enyinna

    Its a pity that some Nigerians even as things are in this country right now you people still curse out fayose because he is saying the truth . why will Nigeria borrow 2billion? What happened to all the stolen money they have been claiming to have recovered ?

  • Lims

    Hun! Keen,cI can see u know fayemi inside-out, he’s a really medical DOCTOR.

  • On point

    APC should cut their coat according to their material. What is d $2b for? Don’t Nigeria people have a say on this. This was how his military brothers piled up debt in the past that Obasanjo/Okonjo Iweala help us to clear. I hope this China loan won’t turn out be a trap for Nigeria.

    • tunde008

      obj cleared the debt.he was a military man

  • koko

    Ayo Fayose, 140 million Nigerian are in support of you. Please carry go, stop this murders ,he is not soliciting for fund but arms to armed Boko haram. We know what he was doing. Do not look at brainless Nigerian, they have eyes but cannot see, they have big heads but nothing, they are educated but they are worst than illiterate men

    • tunde008

      you are the brainless

  • Andrew

    U ppl r tlkn craps……..Fayose al d way…..i wish u r d governor of my state…….speak on n tel dull tnkn Nigerians d meaning of democracy…..May b dia dull brain has med dem nt 2no dia rit 4rm dia left……..dnt worry Buhari wil b probe evn as a president.

    • Could you make yourself a little readable? I cannot make out any sense in what you wrote.

  • aderibgbe48

    I think he(Fayose) has every right to voice his opinion on national debt. However, I want the congress(in Ekiti) to call him into order on why he has to take the law into his hand. He must first present his case to public media, and take his concern to both state congress and Federal congress. He is currently in National Security Violation: He must be challenge and later impeach. State has every right to challenge the Federal govt. but you must go through the process. Fayose is less educated man. This should be the beginning of his down-fall. You don’t take a letter to International committee without the approval of both federal congress and clearance from National commission. I will prosecute him like yesterday. He must face the consequences.

  • aderibgbe48

    Ekiti congress, it takes only one congressman to draw the article of impeachment. Do it now. Foyose must be challenge for this act. I support his opinion for challenging the President, but he did not follow proper channels. He will do more than that next time if he got away with this.

  • aderibgbe48

    Nigerians, listen to this: “He sent the letter through his emissary to the Chinese Embassy in Abuja, while he personally took a copy of the letter to Shanghai to be delivered to the Chinese President.” (Guardian 2016). Ekiti people, wake-up. Your governor is getting out of hand.

  • Not agreeing with the Governor’s method or approach, I am equally opposed to the Federal Government borrowing $2 billion from China. Why should we borrow money from a foreign country while there are some individual Nigerians who can easily loan more than $2b to us. It is an irony that these individuals used our oil blocks given to them, free of charge, to become billionaires. Maybe it is high time we got all the oil blocks back so that we can generate needed fund for the Nation’s projects instead of making the greedy individuals even richer. Even if one does not agree with the Governor’s approach, one cannot take anything away from Fayose’s patriotism in speaking out against the risky Federal’ economic recklessness that will keep us in a perpetual bondage with no apparent gains from it beside enriching some privileged individuals.


  • Tantolorun

    Fayose has every right to challenge the Federal government but his way of approach was comical. Was the loan discussed on the floor of both houses or a unilateral decision of the President? Fayose could have petitioned the Senate instead of wasting Ekiti’s scarce resources to China. Actually he should be made to refund the money spent to China and prosecuted for spending government money on personal issues as this trip will in no way benefit the common Ekiti man and woman.