Ambode task citizens to pray for Nigeria’s progress

Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode

The Lagos state Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, on Saturday advised Nigerians to pray for the progress of the country.

Ambode gave the advice at the 2017 Inter-denominational Divine Service (IDDS), entitled, Grace in Recession, at Shephard-Hill Baptist Church Obanikoro, Lagos.

‘’The church and indeed everyone who believes in the efficacy of prayer have a responsibility and patriotic duty to pray for the well-being and progress of our state and nation,’’ he said.

This is he said became necessary “at this critical period in the history of our nation.’’

“Prayer is the key and there is no challenge that cannot be surmounted with prayers, every situation, whether good or bad requires prayers. For us in Lagos state, we have been truly blessed.

“Indeed, we have enjoyed His grace which has enabled us as a state to experience unprecedented breakthroughs in spite the economic recession.

“I am absolutely convinced in my mind that all of these success stories were made possible by our collective prayers and very importantly, the relatively peaceful atmosphere that has prevailed within the state over time.

“As we engage in ceaseless prayers, we must make conscious efforts to sustain this peaceful atmosphere by refraining from acts potentially divisive and capable of igniting avoidable crisis.

“For us, as government, we will continue to promote fairness, justice and everything that will make life more comfortable for our people. W remain committed to the goal of making the Lagos work for all.

“Making all our communities economically viable and liveable as well as creating opportunities for everyone to actualise his/her potential without discrimination on the basis of ethnic affiliation, religious beliefs or socio- economic circumstances.

“By His grace, Lagos state will continue to prosper and our nation will rise again and become a pride to the entire black race and humanity,” he said.

Also speaking Most Rev. Sunday Matilukuro, Primate, The First African Church Mission, urged religious leaders to always tell the truth to the country’s leaders at all times.

“Religious leaders should always speak out when things are going wrong in the country.

“If they want to be politicians, they should come out as one and not hide under the guise of being religious leaders,’’ he said.

The Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Apostle Alexander Bamgbola ,said that Nigerians needed divine knowledge and understanding to come out of economic recession peacefully.

“May the Lord see us through the current economic recession in our land,’’ he said.

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  • Alos

    Prayer, YES can change most things if and ONLY IF, people are ready to change their mindset. It’s only then that GOD will be able to change things for the country. including ALL our supposed “LEADERS”. Anybody ready to do things differently from CORRUPT WAYS is either sidetracked, KILLED or disgraced by being labelled to have stolen government money. If you challenge them in the LAW court, God save you if you don’t die mysteriously. Back to you Mr. Governor AMBODE. to bell the cat.
    I rest my case.

  • Christopher Adodo

    Yes, I agree with you mr. Governor
    that prayer is very powerful, and in
    fact can move mountains.
    Therefore, I am praying that God should use you to repair my street, at Okota, Lagos. The name of the street is Lateef Aragbe Street, Ago Road, Okota.
    You see, since 1990 I have spent huge sums of money to try and fix the road but to no avail. The road is very long and requires Lagos State Government assistance to fix it.
    And during raining season it is difficult for people to walk through the road, and becomes Very difficult for vehicles to drive through it.
    It is very mournful the predicament of people who go through the road on a daily basis.
    Therefore, I suspect it is predestined that you will be the governor to fix the road.
    And if you do, I assure you that you will receive enormous prayers from the people of Okota.

  • Vincent Asimole

    I shake my head in pity….hw many churches do we have in Nigeria?how many mosques ?and u guys think we haven’t prayed enough….fact! Ghana and South Korea got their respective indenpence on d same day and same year ….by nature South Korea ain’t a Christain nation or a Muslim nation …which country in Africa can u equate with South Korea today?…u guys sti think it’s about praying…d simple truth we can all pray till d next life time,as long as we don’t do d right things we can never get it right…we need knowledge love and tolerance ,we need good pple honest pple that has respect for life ..we are all bias we take sides ..prayer won’t change anything as long as we won’t change our altitudes …rubbish ! Make una rule well it’s as simple as that and we d masses should change frm ds party party affiliations ..prayer without good work is dead on arrival …