Aluko blackmailing Fayose, Ekiti ex-speaker alleges

Temitope Aluko

Temitope Aluko

Former Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dele Olugbemi, who claimed to have brokered peace between Governor Ayodele Fayose and former secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Temitope Aluko, yesterday described Aluko as a blackmailer who had once masterminded a failed impeachment plot against Fayose.

Olugbemi, while reacting to Aluko’s allegation that the June 21, 2014 governorship poll was rigged in an hotel urged Nigerians to disregard Aluko’s comment on the election, saying he has realised ‎ Aluko to be a professional and unrepentant blackmailer using that to earn living and only gullible minds would take anything he had said serious.

The former speaker spoke on Ekiti FM 91.5 Radio station yesterday. He challenged Aluko to present himself for a traditional oath-taking to show who was saying the truth between both of them over the truce meeting.

“Once someone has turned himself into a political vulture, parasite, scavenger and an unrepentant traitor, there is nothing he cannot deny just to get a pot of porridge. He is just like a chameleon. He would say yes in the morning, no in the afternoon and a mixture of yes and no in the evening”, Olugbemi stated.

He said it was Aluko who initiated the failed impeachment plot against Governor Fayose during the G 19 debacle in the last session of the State Assembly adding, “When I was the Speaker of Ekiti House of Assembly, Aluko was the secretary of our party (PDP). I have never seen a traitor like him in my life. He was the one who initiated and facilitated an arrangement with the APC towards using the House to impeach Fayose. He took me to Osun and Lagos for the arrangement.

“I am so surprised that he could come out to denounce and rubbish with lies, a peace meeting I brokered between him and Governor Fayose.

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  • OMOLASO Parkinson KOLA

    If it is true then both are birds of the same feather.