Almajiri: No justification sending children away from home, says Bello

Niger State governor, Sani Bello

Niger State governor, Sani Bello

Niger State governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello has decried increasing number of “Almajiris” who are of school age from other states begging on the streets of Minna, the state capital. He made this observation when he stopped his convoy at a traffic light junction along Minna Western bye-pass to chat with some under aged Almajiris, who though came to acquire Islamic education had to resort to begging for survival.

Shocked to find out that some of the kids are below ten years, the governor said the issue of Almajiri is a sad situation in the country, that requires urgent and far-reaching attention.

The number of Almajiri on the street of Minna have tripled in the last few months and the governor frowned at parents who send their children and wards to far places to acquire Islamic education.

He maintained that there was no justification for it. According to him, “It is sad when you see children of ages from seven to ten years from as far as Jigawa State coming here in Minna to acquire Islamic education without any parental care.

“There is no justification for parents to send their children to far places to acquire Islamic education because today there is no ward in Nigeria without Islamic school that the children can study.

“It is an act of irresponsibility on the part of parents who hide under the religion to send their children for Islamic education far away from home where they can be given adequate comfort and care”, he said. Governor Sani Bello said he has set up a committee to advise government on the activities of Almajiri in the state adding that government will soon start repatriating the Almajiris back to their various states.

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  • nana

    Dear Governor Bello do you really need a committee to advice your government how to handle Almajiris? This is Nigeria and our child protection and rights act is only as good as the paper it is printed on. so you have two options sponsor these almajiris or turn a blind eye like everyone else. Because we both know you can not repatriate these kids since some may not even know where their parents are. And like you have aptly named them, their irresponsible parents are not going to come forward to claim them after your announcement. lastly you may try to mandate that all almajiri schools insist they charge & receive payments for their students but ‘e go hard’