Al-Sisi calls for new African Order for development, against terrorism

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

PRESIDENT of Egypt, AbdelFattah Al-Sisi, has called for a new African Order led by the whole of Africa, leading to increased cooperation in trade and collective action against terrorism, considering that eight or nine African nations are currently being attacked by terrorists.

The Egyptian President, who made this call yesterday while receiving a delegation of journalists from Sub-Sahara Africa at the Presidential Palace in Cairo, called on African nations to stand together against every form of extremism and terrorism. He also urged nations not currently affected by terrorism to cooperate with those affected, and not wait until it comes to their doorsteps before they begin to fight it.

He explained that this new African Order is not to be led by Egypt but by the whole of Africa. “We want to work together but not to dominate Africa. We can work together in the areas of our challenges and meet the needs of our people who want prosperity”.

“About eight or nine countries in Africa are currently faced with terrorism. We need to cooperate on cultural grounds, religious moderation and security”, he said.

Commenting on the stance of the first world on the issue of human rights in the fight against terrorism in Africa, Al-Sisi stated that Egypt is working to strike a balance between human rights and security measures.

He, however, pointed to the fact that the human rights of those being killed by terrorists, and those who fall victim one way or the other everyday, should also be considered.

“Anyone characterising themselves as Islamic organisation or Islamic group is extremist. Terrorists only know violence. Why didn’t anybody talk about the human rights of the over 200 girls (Chibok girls of Nigeria) kidnapped by Boko Haram and other victims of Boko Haram violence? We should talk about the human rights of 90 million people (Egyptian citizens) to live peacefully”.

“People die in African countries because of instability and insecurity, with many refugees. Egypt will stand firm and protect its people.

The problem that the developed countries are facing now is illegal migration but we are faced with terrorism. If Africans live well in their countries, they will not emigrate to the developed countries. But we are working to strike a balance between human rights and security measures”, Al-Sisi said, emphasising the imperativeness for Africa to defend itself against terror.

Speaking on the need for greater trade cooperation among all African countries, Al-Sisi expressed gratitude for the enormous support from other African nations as reflected in their attendance at the commissioning of the New Suez Canal. He noted that this was a reflection of the improved relationship with his country since the return of Egypt to Africa.

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